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, officially Kingdom of Lesotho, kingdom (2015 est. pop. 2,175,000), 11,720 sq mi (30,355 sq km), S Africa. It is an enclave within the Republic of South Africa. Maseru is the capital and largest city.
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To illustrate a few of these ideas in practice, it is useful to return to Moorosi and his BaPhuthi in the roughly twenty years between the establishment of the Wittebergcn Native Reserve and the annexation of Basutoland to the Cape (1850-71).
A few months later, the Basutoland and African community was shaken by a tragic event; the death of Liphapang Molapo, a student in Kiev and holder of a scholarship from the Solidarity Committee.
Il reste de surface et ne va pas plus loin que de demander une information plus exacte, de preference donnee par un temoin local, car les SNJM font encore, a cette epoque, l'objet d'un controle particulierement intense de la part des Missionnaires oblats de Marie-Immaculee au Basutoland, les administrateurs de ce territoire apostolique.
Maseru was then a small colonial outpost, the centre of British administration in Basutoland.
The Congress Movement referred to by Mosisili was founded and woven in 1952 by Mokhehle into what was originally called the Basutoland African Congress (BAC), renamed a few years later the Basutoland Congress Party (BCP) of which the LCD is the biggest splinter organisation.
And in the July issue, Nat reported on a cadre of ANC [African National Congress] activists involved with the anti-pass campaigns who had gone into exile in Basutoland (now Lesotho).
The theological colleges at Adams in Natal and Morija in Basutoland would be relegated to the status of in-service institutions, while able students would be sent to Fort Hare.
It was then known as Bechuanaland, Basutoland, and Swaziland, with the first two renamed after independence, Botswana and Lesotho, respectively.
In those days and in that month there was no country among all those which the Creator of all things had made which was more beautiful than Basutoland.
1) Moshoeshoe (1786-1870), also spelled Mshweshwe, or Moshesh, whose real name was Lepoqo was regarded as the founder of the Sotho nation, called Basutoland by the British.
Despite South African pressure, inhabitants of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, Basutoland (now Lesotho), and Swaziland in 1909 asked for and received British assurances that they would not be included in the proposed Union of South Africa.
From 1937 to 1941 he served as an Education Officer for the British Colonial Service in Basutoland and Zanzibar.