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Other schools using fsaATLAS software are expected to soon follow Purdue's lead and begin using SEVIS in live batch mode.
When working on financial statements, 5% worked interactively, 27% manually, 19% in batch mode and only 1% mixed interactive and batch processing.
Canadian Address Object allows more mail to be delivered, saves data entry time, saves time with batch mode processing and resolves inconsistencies immediately.
VeriSym SE is an affordable high-performance optical inspection system designed to verify softgels continuously in-line after a single encapsulator or off-line in a batch mode.
Quest's powerful features include its ease of use afforded by a Graphical User Interface capability, its ability to be used in batch mode, and its flexibility to accept multiple dielectric including Low-k materials, user specified material properties and multiple conductors.
Used in this way, BPLOT may be run in batch mode, requiring little supervision until the required reports have been printed.
Extensions and estimates can be printed in batch mode.
The proven third-generation design enables companies to process single or recurring electronic check (ACH), credit card and debit card transactions in either real-time or batch mode.
It can be run with a 20-liter or 100-liter feed biocontainer on the system, and run in fed batch mode if process volumes are larger.