batch file

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batch file

(operating system)
(Or script) A text file containing operating system commands which are executed automatically by the command-line interpreter. In Unix, this is called a "shell script" since it is the Unix shell which includes the command-line interpreter. Batch files can be used as a simple way to combine existing commands into new commands.

autoexec.bat is the best known example of an MS-DOS batch file.

batch file

(1) A file containing data that is processed or transmitted from beginning to end.

(2) A file of operating system commands that are carried out one after the other. The operating system interprets the commands and turns them into machine language that is executed by the CPU.

Batch files are widely used to perform a series of routine file management operations such as making backups and launching applications. In the preparation of each monthly version of this encyclopedia, several batch files are used to combine and aggregate files, launch conversion programs and copy the newly created versions into more than two dozen folders for deployment.

.BAT, .CMD or .SH File Extensions
Windows batch files use a .BAT or .CMD file extension, the latter officially called a Windows "command script." In the Mac and Unix/Linux worlds, batch files are "shell scripts" and use a .SH extension. See batch file abc's, cmd abc's, PowerShell, command line and shell script.
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com/android/fastadb-fastboot-adb-and-bootloader-unlocking-gui-for-htc-devices/) post on the forum, FastADB is a batch script which has been converted into an executable file.
With this new support, using the Mainframe Transaction Option within Enterprise Server, customers will be able to run IBM z/OS and VSE JCL batch script on Windows without the need to convert it to other formats.
The queue manager fills the request from the batch script using an advanced backfill algorithm developed by Dr.
All of the scripts are created using Applescript, VB script and occasionally bash or batch scripts.
Since it creates WinBatch batch scripts, Compiler users can make executable Windows programs with it for unlimited distribution throughout an organization.
The migration required the conversion and testing of 600 batch, 300 online, more than 1,000 subprograms, 1,400 batch scripts and over 500 database tables.
The ActiveBatch Extension for Microsoft Dynamics AX allows us to consolidate multiple command line and batch scripts and replace them with a single ActiveBatch Job Step-one that provides an interface to simply drag and drop it into the workflow.
SortCL job scripts, compatible across all UNIX and Windows platforms, can be built with a text editor or free Java GUI, and get run on the command line, in batch scripts, via the GUI, or from a program.
SFXCL automates routine secure file transfer operations with batch scripts and can be combined with public-key-only authentication for secure unattended file transfer processes.
Technology: Reviews clients' current supply chain systems, batch scripts, integration and performance capabilities and provides an IT strategy to account for changes in the supply chain and position clients for growth.
No knowledge of SQL, command options, batch scripts or any other programming language is required.
CoSORT users can process data within or outside of COBOL programs -- in batch scripts based originally on JCL.