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Bateson, William


Born Aug. 8, 1861, in Whitby; died Feb. 8, 1926, in Merton. English biologist; one of the founders of genetics, the name of which he proposed in 1907.

Bateson graduated from Cambridge University and was a professor there from 1908 to 1910. In 1910 he became director of the Institute of Horticulture in Merton. His first studies were devoted to the phylogeny of chordates (1884-86). Bateson energetically disputed the inheritance of acquired characteristics, the discontinuous nature of variation, and the doctrine of the purity of gametes. In 1905 he proposed the “presence-absence” theory in an attempt to explain the appearance of new characteristics in organisms by the suppression of inhibiting factors. Bateson founded the English Journal of Genetics in 1910.


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Bateson has always worried that "because so much of her [Mead] thought was expressed in my upbringing, there is a sense in which my own hapiness has had to carry the burden of proof for many of her ideas." With a Daughter's Eye i impressive "proof" of a woman who, wanting it all, made sane and responsible choices to enable her daughter to grow strong while she herself flourished in worlds apart.
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A further defendant, Bruce Bateson, was also sentenced as part of the operation and was given a two year prison sentence, suspended for two years.