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Introduction, molluscs, crustaceans, hagfishes, sharks, batoid fishes, and chimaeras (Volume 1, pp.
Batoid fish, which include stingrays, are distinguished by their flat bodies and long, wing-like fins that extend from their heads.
2011), the presence of crustaceans in the stomach contents of batoid elasmobranchs is relatively common, as found in Zapteryx brevirostris and other studies.
The batoid fishes (rays, skates, guitarfishes and sawfishes) represent approximately 54 % (630 in 1170) of all Chondrichthyes species (Aschliman et al.
Some commercially valuable batoid species, such as Dasyatis guttata and Dasyatis americana, are also caught.
An analysis of the trends in by-catch of turtle species, angel sharks and batoid species in the protective gillnets off KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
1980): Hexatrygonidae a new family of stingrays (Myliobatiformes: Batoidea) from South Africa, with comments on the classification of batoid fishes.