see Stephen BáthoryStephen Báthory
, Pol. Stefan Batory, 1533–86, king of Poland (1575–86), prince of Transylvania (1571–75), son of Stephen Báthory (1477–1534). He was elected to succeed John II as prince of Transylvania.
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 and BáthoryBáthory
, Pol. Batory, Hungarian noble family. Stephen Báthory, 1477–1534, a loyal adherent of John I of Hungary (John Zápolya), was made (1529) voivode [governor] of Transylvania.
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, family.
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By the 17th century 30,000 Scots were living in the country and settled in the city of Krakow, and to reflect this in 1576, King Stefan Batory assigned a district of the city to them.
Ron Batory brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Federal Railroad Administration during a critical time for rail and passenger safety, said Secretary Elaine L.
Such media outlets as Gazeta Wyborcza, Radio TOK FM, and the Batory Foundation have their ideological protoplasts in the March '68 revisionists and in the KOR (Committee for the Defense of Workers).
King Stefan Batory of Poland retook it from Muscovy after the abolition of the oprichnina.
Batory (2007), "Automating feature-oriented refactoring of legacy applications", in ECOOP Workshop on Refactoring Tools, pp.
She even headed a kosher vegetarian kitchen on crossings of the passenger ship MS Batory, shuttling between Gdynia (near Gdansk) and New York from 1937 until the outbreak of WWII.
En este sentido, la educacion superior ha promovido una alta competitividad en lo que respecta a la financiacion, la gestion institucional y la reforma curricular en las universidades (Keelling, 2006, Batory & Lindstrom, 2011, Melo, 2010).
He travelled all across the continent and tried his fortune at the Prague court of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor as well as in Cracow, before Stephen Batory, king of Poland.
At the same time, excellent Polish doctor, courtier of Stefan Batory, Wojciech Oczko (1537-1599) for the first time in our country performed successful reconstruction of the nose using skin grafting [1,3].
Maciej Strubycz (1520-1589) was a Silesian (Polish) cartographer and Geographer to King Stefan Batory.
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Jakub Benedyczak, Friendly EU Border Project Coordinator at the Stefan Batory Foundation, pointed out that Moldova is at the