see Stephen BáthoryStephen Báthory
, Pol. Stefan Batory, 1533–86, king of Poland (1575–86), prince of Transylvania (1571–75), son of Stephen Báthory (1477–1534). He was elected to succeed John II as prince of Transylvania.
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 and BáthoryBáthory
, Pol. Batory, Hungarian noble family. Stephen Báthory, 1477–1534, a loyal adherent of John I of Hungary (John Zápolya), was made (1529) voivode [governor] of Transylvania.
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, family.
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The SIGMA II CS-7s brings together fast, high quality imaging with advanced functionality that offers the flexibility needed in today's changing healthcare marketplace," says Ron Batory, Product Marketing Manager, CR and Conventional Imaging.
Maciej Strubycz (1520-1589) was a Silesian (Polish) cartographer and Geographer to King Stefan Batory.
48) He created more than 250 maps and had a large collection of other cartographers' maps and globes, which he donated to the University of Stefan Batory, now the University of Vilnius in Lithuania.
NOT many people today may have heard of the passenger liner Batory, but as ships go she should be one of the most famous to have sailed the oceans.
Czeslaw Milosz (1911-2004) grew up in Lithuania, studied law at the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius, and became a leading avant-garde poet.
Kyiv: Stefan Batory Foundation and International Renaissance Foundation, 2010.
Questionable Achievement: EC-Ukraine Visa Facilitation Agreement (Warsaw and Kiev: Stefan Batory Foundation, 2006), available at http://www.
A recent study by the Stefan Batory Foundation in Warsaw noted that Polish consulates have granted 73 percent fewer visas to Belarusians since Poland joined the EU's passport free Schengen zone in 2007, tightening entry rules.
The Planer Truth: A Brief History & Guide To Servicing Vintage Single Surface Roll Feed Planers (1850-1950)" by Dana Martin Batory is a 160-page compendium of illustrations and information drawn from diverse out-of-print texts and manuals, combined with expert commentary based upon 'hands-on' experience by the author and provide readers with a succinct historical overview of this machine beginning with its invention in 1828.
Batory desired to wage war on Russia, but most of the szlachta did not.
Frederik II loal osales ta Rzeczpospolita kuninga Stefan Batory kampaaniates Moskoovia vastu (1579-1582), mille eest too omakorda laanistas talle parusvalduseks varem Magnusele kuulunud Karksi, maaras pensioni ja pakkus Vonnu vojevoodi ametikohta.
We sailed from Liverpool in a Polish ship called the Batory.