see Stephen BáthoryStephen Báthory
, Pol. Stefan Batory, 1533–86, king of Poland (1575–86), prince of Transylvania (1571–75), son of Stephen Báthory (1477–1534). He was elected to succeed John II as prince of Transylvania.
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 and BáthoryBáthory
, Pol. Batory, Hungarian noble family. Stephen Báthory, 1477–1534, a loyal adherent of John I of Hungary (John Zápolya), was made (1529) voivode [governor] of Transylvania.
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, family.
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As of June 30, 2019, PTC systems were operating on approximately 87 percent of the nearly 58,000 route miles subject to the mandate, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) head Ronald Batory said in written testimony.
Some of the leading players operating in soya flour market include: Ingredion, Kerry Group, Blue Ribbon, ADM, The Scoular Company, Sunopta, Bean Growers Australia, Cargill Incorporated, Anchor Ingredients, EHL Limited, Diefenbaker Spice and Pulse, Great Western Grain, Best Cooking Pulses, and Batory Foods.
To date, 6.3 million square feet of multi-tenant and build-to-suit space exists and is occupied by companies such as Post, Lineage, Batory Foods, and another Fortune 500 company.
That the Trump administration will not accept the Governor's new rail project plan was clear from the statement of Federal Railroad Administrator Ronald Batory. He said Newsom's new plan represents a "significant retreat from the state's initial vision and frustrates the purpose for which federal funding was awarded."  
"We're responding to a real consumer-based demand," says Stefan Batory, CEO and founder of Booksy.
She even headed a kosher vegetarian kitchen on crossings of the passenger ship MS Batory, shuttling between Gdynia (near Gdansk) and New York from 1937 until the outbreak of WWII.
He travelled all across the continent and tried his fortune at the Prague court of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor as well as in Cracow, before Stephen Batory, king of Poland.
Jakub Benedyczak, Friendly EU Border Project Coordinator at the Stefan Batory Foundation, pointed out that Moldova is at the
NOT many people today may have heard of the passenger liner Batory, but as ships go she should be one of the most famous to have sailed the oceans.
However, political expert Aleksander Smolar, director of the Stefan Batory Institute, explained that "the process of forming a new government - which will be more or less complex depending on the result of the elections - will force the Polish politicians to focus more on home affairs".
The future Nobel Prize winner knew our grandfather, Jan Chodakiewicz, a fellow student at the law faculty of the Stefan Batory University in Wilno.