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(băt`ənbûrg), German princely family, issued from the morganatic union of Alexander, a younger son of Louis II, grand duke of Hesse-Darmstadt, and Countess Julia von Hauke, who was created (1858) princess of Battenberg. Their oldest son, Louis (1854–1921), an admiral in the British navy, married a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. During World War I he renounced (1917) his German title and anglicized his name as Mountbatten, whereupon he was created marquess of Milford Haven. His daughter Louise married Gustavus VI, king of Sweden. Another daughter, Alice, married Prince Andrew of Greece, third son of King George I of Greece; their son Philip was created duke of EdinburghEdinburgh, Prince Philip Mountbatten, duke of
, 1921–, consort of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, b. Greece. He was the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice, daughter of Prince Louis of Battenberg, and a grandson of George I of Greece, great-grandson of
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 and married (1947) Princess Elizabeth of England (later Queen Elizabeth II). Louis Mountbattenwas the son of the 1st marquess of Milford Haven. The second son of Prince Alexander of Hesse-Darmstadt was (1879–86) prince of Bulgaria (see AlexanderAlexander
(Alexander of Battenberg), 1857–93, prince of Bulgaria (1879–86); second son of Prince Alexander of Hesse-Darmstadt and nephew of Alexander II of Russia.
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). A third son, Henry, married Beatrice, daughter of Queen Victoria of England; their daughter, Victoria, married Alfonso XIII of Spain.


See A. Hatch, The Mountbattens (1965); E. Spiro, From Battenberg to Mountbatten (1966).


A coarse type of renaissance lace made from linen braid tape and linen thread.
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She crocheted yards of laces for her underwear, and made Battenberg in abundance for her table and for the bureau.
On Wednesday it became illegal for fast responders to display strips of yellow and green squares - known as battenbergs - across vehicles they own.
The high visibility pattern, named after the likeness to a battenberg cake, is the livery of NHS ambulances.
But they are barred from using the battenberg look unless the vehicles are owned, leased or hired by an NHS Ambulance Trust.
Cake-maker Allison Whitmarsh has won a one-year contract to supply Battenbergs, sponges and slices to the forces.
Why in this 21st Century do we need to pay a dysfunctional family called the Windsors, or the Mountbattens, or the Battenbergs, or whatever alias they wish to use, 'to reign over us".
The company's top-selling Mr Kipling brand will lead the assault with debuts for Easter Bakewells, Orange & Lemon Mini Battenbergs, Lemon Mini Classics and Funny Bunny Fancies.
The Battenbergs were honored for their service to the community and their commitment to the mission of Lighthouse.
The Battenbergs changed their name to Mountbatten at the start of the First World War to counter anti-German feeling.
Pushkin's great-granddaughter, Nadja, married George Battenberg, Queen Victoria's grandson.