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POLICE with a battering ram helped social workers snatch a frail pensioner from her daughter's house.
A DRIVER who used his powerful BMW as a "battering ram" to twice smash a police car injuring two officers has been jailed for four-anda-half years.
Mark and pals have a ripping time at Arg's expense in Marbella, Spain Battering ram..
There were no battering ram tactics at the mosque where Islamic fundamentalists celebrated "A Towering Day in History" on September 11.
50 Years Ago Intruders who broke into the new pounds 50,000 Lingham Primary School, Moreton, Wirral, used a piano as a battering ram to break through the locked doors.
The McLaren star escaped when the driver of the car taking him from the circuit used the vehicle as a battering ram.
They were all clad in black and used a battering ram to get into the shop, before smashing display counters and scooping up jewellery.
The second half saw a change of Doncaster's tactics - using their lumbering pack as a battering ram.
One resident said police used a battering ram to get into a house.
Hotline sources describe him as a "battering ram of a centre forward - awesome for his age''.
Firstly they targeted a house on Herondale in Hednesford, using a chainsaw and battering ram to remove the front door within seconds.
At one point, police used a truck with a battering ram to smash holes in the front of the townhouse.