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(äzhăNko͞or`), modern Fr. Azincourt, village, Pas-de-Calais dept., N France. There, during the Hundred Years WarHundred Years War,
1337–1453, conflict between England and France. Causes

Its basic cause was a dynastic quarrel that originated when the conquest of England by William of Normandy created a state lying on both sides of the English Channel. In the 14th cent.
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, Henry VHenry V,
1387–1422, king of England (1413–22), son and successor of Henry IV. Early Life

Henry was probably brought up under the care of his uncle, Henry Beaufort.
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 of England with some 6,000 men defeated a French army six times that size on Oct. 25, 1415. His success, which was due mainly to the superiority of the masses of English longbow men over the heavily armored French knights, demonstrated the obsolescence of the methods of warfare of the age of chivalry. The victory enabled the English to conquer much of France. The battle is the central scene of Shakespeare's drama Henry V.


See J. Barker, Agincourt: Henry V and the Battle That Made England (2006).


longbow helps British defeat French (1415). [Br. Lit.: Henry V; Br. Hist.: Harbottle Battles, 5]
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The Royal Mint's PS5 coin which marks the 600 years since the Battle of Agincourt
Darren Bagley of Stocksmoor fires one |of his arrows that are replicas of the thousands used during the battle of Agincourt, fought 600 years ago this month 081015AARRO_13 PICTURES BY ANDY CATCHPOOL
The Royal Mint's PS5 coin, which marks 600 years since the Battle of Agincourt
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Directed by Owen Horsley and aimed at children aged eight to 13, it coincides with the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt which figures in Henry V.
1415: The Battle of Agincourt took place at which the heavily outnumbered English Army of Henry V defeated the French.
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ST CRISPIN 1415: The Battle of Agincourt took place at which the heavily outnumbered English Army of Henry V defeated the French.
at the 2,000-year-old Cardiff Castle is a re-enactment of the Battle of Agincourt, won by one of Wales' most famous sons, the Monmouth-born King Henry V, when everyone will be invited to join in the mammoth re-staging under the command of a professional fight director.
The battle of Agincourt (October 1415), has long been acknowledged by historians and popular culture to be a defining moment in British history; for some, it also marks the downfall of chivalry and the ushering in of the Early Modern period.
Their incredible skills often saw them defeat superior forces, as at the Battle of Agincourt under Monmouth-born King Henry V.
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