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a leader of a cause or party
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an individual charged with the honor and responsibility of carrying the colors in a military formation. In the Russian army the standard-bearer was chosen from the ranks of noncommissioned officers with battle decorations. In the Soviet army he is designated by order for each unit and is usually a sergeant or officer, usually with government decorations, or a soldier with excellent results in battle and political training. Two assistants are assigned to protect the colors and to replace the standard-bearer if he is disabled.

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lSue Bramall ends a gloomy 18 months as Battle Standard (John Burke) pips Reklaw (Micky Hammond/ Jason Callaghan) in the selling hurdle at Catterick.
Kevin Darley and Darasim locked horns at the three-pole and Darasim had the call two out, but Persian Punch just hoisted what must by now be a pretty tattered battle standard and saw him off in the scrap to the furlong-marker.
He's vocal, never shirks giving 100% effort, and sets the battle standards in their relegation fight, which this weekend means a vital clash againstHuddersfield.
He is vocal, never gives less then 100 per cent effort, and sets the battle standards in their relegation fight, which today means a vital clash against Huddersfield.
In every game, they passionately and devoutly sing their anthems and hymns, scream their cheers and slogans, utter their prayers, display their banners like battle standards in a holy war, and smear themselves with body paints like fanatic crusaders who believe that God is on their side.
Given the devastation and the large-scale employment of mercenaries, there were no battle standards from this era preserved in the town.
Monro lost more than 1600 men, his artillery, baggage and battle standards. The Irish lost a few hundred soldiers.
But at the battle of Bosworth in 1485, when Henry Tudor faced King Richard III, his three battle standards were the arms of St George of England, the house of Beaufort and a red dragon painted on a background of white and green.
Col Harinder Singh Attari, a retired Indian Army officer, will be at Lichfield Cathedral tomorrow to see Sikh battle standards seized by the Staffordshire Regiment during the 19th century conflict.
At Victory Square, the main war memorial in downtown Vancouver, Canada's old battle standards fly proudly from the face of the monument--every day, all year round.
Reference Point set a gruelling pace, and Mtoto had to use not only his dazzling turn of foot but also demonstrate his tenacity in wearing down the Derby winner, two sets of yellow and black silks flapping like battle standards on a hot summer afternoon.
The fans unfurled their play-off flags like battle standards and camped out in the morning sunshine, many hours before kick-off, to savour every last second of what was destined to be a memorable day.