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, baulk
1. a roughly squared heavy timber beam
2. a timber tie beam of a roof
3. Baseball an illegal motion by a pitcher towards the plate or towards the base when there are runners on base, esp without delivering the ball


A strip of earth left in place between the trenches of an archeological dig to permit study of the stratigraphy of the area as long as possible.

balk, baulk

1. A squared timber used in building construction.
2. A low ridge of earth that marks a boundary line.


i. An aborted landing resulting from something happening on the final stages of the approach, such as an obstruction on the runway.
ii. To obstruct landing of an approaching aircraft, forcing it to overshoot.
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Baulking Green won the race no fewer than four times, three of them under his veteran pilot George Small.
Well before then, the Baulking Green legend was embedded in jumping folklore as he travelled around the country followed by his merry band of enthusiastic supporters; when he regained his Cheltenham title in 1967 the only surprise was that the roof didn't come off the stands.
First winner: Baulking Green, United Hunts' Chase, Cheltenham, 13 March 1963