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Our job at Bay Networks is to make access to information easier, friendlier and faster," states Carney, who predicts companies and consumers alike will soon be able to plug into an outlet similar to a phone jack and get a data tone.
With over two decades of experience in networking and communications, Simone has held leadership roles in engineering, product management, marketing and IT at Redback Networks, SynOptics Communications, Bay Networks and Motorola.
At Bay Networks, Harold served as director of Sales, where he managed a national team with a revenue responsibility in excess of $350 million.
Paul Severino, founder and former chairman of Bay Networks and a member of Tenor's Board of Directors added, "Rich is a seasoned professional with an outstanding reputation and a very successful industry track record.
When Wellfleet merged with SynOptics to form Bay Networks in 1995, he became vice president of engineering operations for all of Bay Networks.
The three vice presidents will report directly to Sandy Bay Networks President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Sabourin.
Bay Networks, Set to Lead PixStream in the Next Phase of Its Growth