Bay of Fundy

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Fundy, Bay of

Fundy, Bay of, large inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, c.170 mi (270 km) long and 30 to 50 mi (50–80 km) wide, between New Brunswick and SW Nova Scotia, Canada. It is famous for its tide and tidal bore; in its upper arms, Chignecto Bay and the Mínas Basin, tides reach 40 to 50 ft (12–15 m) in height and create the reversing falls of the Saint John River. At low tide, wide flats are laid bare, and the long estuaries of the rivers are drained. Many of the surrounding flats have been transformed into fertile farmland since Acadian settlers began to build dikes in the early 17th cent. Fishing and tourism are important today. St. John, N.B., is the chief port on the bay.
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The Bay of Fundy is one of the few places in the world where whales can swim past your doorstep, a regular occurrence in the largest island Grand Manan, a 90-minute ferry journey from St Andrew's on the mainland and operating in its own little world.
Linear and circular depressions, or 'pockmarks', are a common feature recorded in bathymetric images of the Bay of Fundy seafloor and are considered by many to be important indicators of escaping gas.
The three-hour ferry for New Brunswick leaves from Digby and lands you in historic Saint John, the only city on the Bay of Fundy. New Brunswick is officially a bilingual province, so you'll hear much more French spoken here.
This project will develop an acoustic sensing system to improve the detection and tracking of fish and marine mammals at tidal sites in the Bay of Fundy. The software will be used at the Cape Sharp Tidal berth at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy, gathering realtime data to assess the impact of its tidal turbine on marine life in the Bay of Fundy, Canada.
On the East Coast, Susan Holtz explores the latest efforts to harness the Bay of Fundy's magnum tidal power (p.36), while on the North Coast, Alex Speers-Roesch outlines the global push to create an Arctic Sanctuary (p.32) similar to the ocean sanctuary now in place around Antarctica.
Canada's only tidal generating facility in the Bay of Fundy saw its output drop by 45%.
The magical moment was captured by Christine Callaghan, 62, a guide with a whalewatching cruiser in Canada's Bay of Fundy, about two miles off Long Island in Nova Scotia.
The Inner Bay of Fundy salmon industry includes several important spawning grounds in that area, which are vital to the species.
With shades such as "Bay of Fundy" and "Foggy Beach," the palette embraces the influences of the water and natural landscapes while capturing a soft light that accompanies the area's long winters and moody waters.
They focus on the land campaigns fought on the Maine--New Brunswick border and the naval operations on the Bay of Fundy, fought primarily by ships based in New Brunswick's ports.
My first stop along Atlantic Canada's maritime coast was the sheltered harbor village of Alma, New Brunswick, just outside Fundy National Park on the Bay of Fundy.