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1612–1638?, Ottoman prince; brother of Sultan Murad IV. Considering Beyazid a dangerous rival, Murad ordered his execution. Beyazid's death is treated in Jean RacineRacine, Jean
, 1639–99, French dramatist. Racine is the prime exemplar of French classicism. The nobility of his Alexandrine verse, the simplicity of his diction, the psychological realism of his characters, and the skill of his dramatic construction contribute to the
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's tragedy, Bajazet (1672).
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Ikhlas Bayazid and Samia Nishath secured second and third position in the Grade 12 contest, Mohammed Hashir and Hira Abdul Wahid achieved second and third in Grade 11, Shana Munjappa and Nihal Rao bagged second and third in Grade 10, and Marwa Abdul Razak and Reniem Mohammed secured second and third in Grade 9.
According to Provincial Election Commissioner Syed Sultan Bayazid, 139 presiding officers have been deployed for the purpose while all arrangements have been finalized for the smooth voting process.
Earlier, Election Commissioner Balochistan Syed Sultan Bayazid said that the polling for 612 seats of Labourer and Peasant out of total 1486 began on 9am and continued upto 3 pm during which the elected members of Metropolitan, District and Union Councils voted in the favor their respective candidates.
That night I dreamed the Prophet PBUH said: "Or Bayazid, the blessings that you've been involved in.
Imam Jan from the Bayazid area of Bagram district said: "The new president will have to provide security, justice and education besides developing agriculture.
BAGHDAD / NINA / A member in the parliamentary Commission on oil and energy, of the Kurdish bloc (change), Bayazid Hassan said that " the delay in including the budget in the agenda is an evidence of the depth of political differences," noting "this matter needs a quick deal between the political blocs .
Speaking on the occasion, Balochistan Election Commissioner Syed Bayazid Sultan said persistent decline in voter's turnout in general elections suggests the voters who are block-building of the whole electoral system are unaware of the importance of vote.
Of those, he points out the military expedition of Tamerlane (AD 1336-1415) to Minor Asia, Rum that governed under the reign of Ildrum Bayazid (known as Bayezid I, AD 1354-1403), the first Ottoman supporter.
Afghanistan, which was heavily influenced by Persian culture over the centuries, boasts an illustrious list of so-called "warrior poets," including Jahan Pahlawan Amir Kror Suri, Khushal Khan Khattak and Pir Roshan Bayazid Khan.
The king of Spain's loss is my gain" Sultan Bayazid II is reputed to have said, as Sephardim with the high-tech skills of the day (iron-working, weaponry, printing, silk manufacture, financial and maritime skills) poured into his domains.
It particularly focuses on the town of Bayazid which lies on the border between the Safavid and Ottoman empires.
Bayazid Hassan, stated on Sunday, December 19, that what happened in Parliament the previous day was a breach of the council's regulations.