Baylor University

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Baylor University,

mainly at Waco, Tex.; coeducational; chartered and opened 1845 by Baptists (see Baylor, Robert E. BBaylor, Robert Emmett Bledsoe
, 1793?–1873, American jurist, founder of Baylor Univ., b. Kentucky. He served in the War of 1812, studied law, and served in the Kentucky legislature. Moving (1820) to Alabama, he served in the Alabama legislature and was (1829–31) a U.
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.) at Independence, moved 1886 and absorbed Waco Univ. (chartered 1861). The library has a noted Robert Browning collection. Frank Lloyd Wright designed a theater center at Dallas for the graduate school. The university's medical school was founded (1900) as part of the Univ. of Dallas, and it became affiliated with Baylor in 1903. In 1943 it moved to Houston, and in 1969 it became a separate corporation under the title of Baylor College of Medicine. It was in connection with the Baylor medical school that Michael DeBakeyDeBakey, Michael Ellis
, 1908–2008, American surgeon, b. Lake Charles, La. While still at Tulane medical school (M.D., 1932), DeBakey developed the roller pump, which later became an essential component of the heart-lung machine, and he later made refinements in the
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 did his pioneer work in heart transplantationtransplantation, medical,
surgical procedure by which a tissue or organ is removed and replaced by a corresponding part, usually from another part of the body or from another individual.
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 and artificial heart implantation (see heart, artificialheart, artificial,
external or surgically implanted mechanical device designed to replace a patient's diseased heart. The first one used on a human being, the Jarvik-7, was implanted (1982) in Barney Clark, who lived for 112 days; another patient, William Schroeder, lived 620
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). Baylor Univ. still maintains a medical center at Dallas.
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Disclosure: Baylor University has been a financial supporter of The Texas Tribune.
About Baylor University: The highly regarded academic community of Baylor University has the distinction of being oldest and largest Baptist university in the world.
With 1,065 licensed beds, Baylor University Medical Center serves as the flagship hospital of Baylor Health Care System and is a major patient care, teaching and research center for the Southwest.
But Doug Weaver of the Baylor University said Camping' group is one of the many folks who keeps on predicting the end of the world but has never come true.
She has actively supported collegiate members by serving as faculty advisor of MTNA Collegiate Chapters at Oklahoma Baptist University and Baylor University.
is Assistant Professor of Medieval Literature and French in the Baylor University Honors College.
Schmeltekopf as Baylor University provost in April 2003.
In 1951, the MFSS hospital administration program became affiliated with the Graduate School of Baylor University in Waco, TX, making it the 11th graduate hospital administration program in the United States.
On May 4, surgeons at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas transplanted the man's liver and both of his kidneys into separate patients, who were subsequently released from the hospital.
While only 1%-3% of baby boomers and 5% of Gen X'ers can be classified as clinically compulsive buyers, a whopping 10% of Gen Y'ers in the United States can be so described, according to Jim Roberts, associate professor of business at Baylor University.
Descendants of the man who founded a center for church-state studies at Baylor University are angry that a proponent of the neo-creationist "intelligent design" theory is teaching at the institute and serving as its associate director.