Bayou Teche

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Teche, Bayou

Teche, Bayou (bīˈō tĕsh, bīˈo͞o), 125 mi (201 km) long, S La., formed by tributary bayous and flowing SE to the Atchafalaya River near Morgan City. Navigable for more than 100 mi (161 km), it flows through a fertile sugarcane area. Bayou Teche was the setting for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Evangeline.
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"As always, Louisiana comes fully alive, from the peaceful fog of the Bayou Teche to the manic streets of New Orleans.
"A Gentleman of Bayou Teche." Complete Novels and Stories.
On the Bayou Teche, a Cajun stronghold still today, Evangeline finds Gabriel's father, Basil, newly assimilated to lower Louisiana's eclectic culture.
Bayou Pipe Coating is the flagship of the Bayou Companies that began business in the early 1940's on the banks of the Bayou Teche and is presently located at the port of Iberia in Louisiana.
In the first, "A Gentleman of Bayou Teche," a Northern painter wants to capture the colorful spirit of rural Louisiana by portraying a local man in the imagined garb of the 'Cadian rustic, something the man, Evariste Bonamour, considers demeaning for any gentleman--Acadian or other--of the Bayou Teche.
Deep within the cool green shadows of the Bayou Teche lived Phillip LaDuc and his young sister, Anabelle.
1) "The Bayou Teche is pockmarked with bubbling, moss-green lumps that very well might be knotty-headed gators submarining and cracking the surface of the caramel-colored water.
That leads into the whole idea of the ghost figure and creating that sense of Bayou Teche and having to be kept hidden within the bayou, which makes her invisible to her culture as well as invisible to herself, because she doesn't know her historical roots.
Martinville, where the tomb of Emmeline Labiche and the ancient oak where she waited for her lover, Gabriel, stand alongside the Bayou Teche.
Steve Landry--Catholic, Cajun, fisherman--lives in Franklin, a town that straddles the Bayou Teche near Vermilion Bay on the Gulf.
His current release, Wail & Ride (Hyena Records) offers a dose of his Big Easy tales of life all delivered in a languid drawl that flows as slowly as the Bayou Teche.