Bazar Amanov

Amanov, Bazar


Born May 5, 1908. Soviet Turkmen actor and playwright. People’s Artist of the USSR (1965). Member of the CPSU since 1941.

In 1929, after graduating from a dramatic studio, Amanov became an actor at the Mollanepes Turkmen Drama Theater in Ashkhabad. Some of his best roles have been Nadir-shakh (Keimir-Ker by Amanov and Burunov), Nepes (Seitliev’s The Shepherd’s Son), Shvandia (Trenev’s Liubov’ Iarovaia), Ognev (Korneichuk’s The Front), Iakov Bardin (Gorky’s Enemies), and the Stranger (Nazym Khikmet’s Legend of Love). He wrote plays on historic and legendary themes, such as Keimir-Ker (1940, written with K. Burunov), Kemine (1942), Soltan Sondzhar (1946), and Aiazkhan (1961), as well as stage adaptations of Zokhre and Takhir (1939, written with Kh. Charyev) and Ailar (1963). He was awarded two Orders of Lenin and the Badge of Honor.