Bazard, Saint-Amand

Bazard, Saint-Amand

(săNtämäN` bäzär`), 1791–1832, French socialist. He founded (1818) a republican society, Les Amis de la vérité [Friends of Truth], and was a member of the CarbonariCarbonari
[Ital.,=charcoal burners], members of a secret society that flourished in Italy, Spain, and France early in the 19th cent. Possibly derived from Freemasonry, the society originated in the kingdom of Naples in the reign of Murat (1808–15) and drew its members from
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. Bazard plotted (1821–22) for the overthrow of the monarchy but was unsuccessful. He adopted the socialistic doctrines of Claude Henri de Saint-SimonSaint-Simon, Claude Henri de Rouvroy, comte de
, 1760–1825, French social philosopher; grand nephew of Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon. While still a young man, he served in the American Revolution as a volunteer on the side of the colonists.
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 and, with EnfantinEnfantin, Barthélemy Prosper
, 1796–1864, French socialist, sometimes called Père Enfantin. He became a leader of the movement started by the comte de Saint-Simon.
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, headed the Saint-Simonian movement until 1831.
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Bazard, Saint-Amand


Born Sept. 19, 1791, in Paris; died July 29, 1832, in Courtrai. French Utopian socialist.

Under the Bourbon Restoration, Bazard was one of the leaders of a clandestine Carbonari organization. Between 1828 and 1829 he gave systematic public lectures, An Exposition of Saint-Simonian Doctrine (Russian translation, 1947), in which he developed the socialist tendencies in Saint-Simonism. With the transformation of Saint-Simonism into a religious commune, Bazard and Enfantin became its “supreme fathers.” Bazard’s disagreements with Enfantin on questions of marriage and the family led to his leaving the commune.


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