Bazarov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Bazarov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich


(pseudonym of V. A. Rudnev). Born July 27 (Aug. 8), 1874, in Tula; died Sept. 16, 1939, in Tula. Russian philosopher and economist.

Bazarov became a Social Democrat in 1896 and sided with the Bolsheviks from 1904 to 1907. During the years of reaction he promoted the ideas of god-building and empiriocriticism. In 1917–19 he upheld the Menshevik position. Beginning in 1921 he worked in government planning organizations. He and I. I. Skvortsov-Stepanov translated Marx’ Capital (in 1907–09). In his philosophical works (Authoritarian Metaphysics and the Autonomous Personality; the collection Essays From a Realistic World View, 1904; Anarcho-Communism and Marxism, 1906; On Two Fronts, 1910; and others) Bazarov supported Machism. Bazarov’s economic works deal with problems of the balance of the national economy.


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