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(operating system)
The operating system originally designed to run on the BeBox microcomputer. BeOS is good at both multitasking and real-time operation. It has a bash command shell, with ports of many GNU programs by Be, Inc. It has a GUI front end (not X). A C++ compiler is supplied with the machine, and there are rumours of other languages being ported in the future.

BeOs eventually became used on the x86 and standard PPC.

Be, Inc. went bankrupt in 1999, after releasing the last upgrade of BeOS (R5.0.3), and was sold to Palm.

Several groups are currently (2003) attempting to create an R6 version of the OS. The most likely to succeed are Yellowtab and OpenBeOS, which is likely to be renamed.
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It soon became clear that BeOS had to be added to Project Magic.
Opera currently exists for MS Windows, with initiatives under Project Magic to make it available for OS/2, Mac, BeOS, X11, Psion/EPOC32 and Amiga currently under way.
Plug-ins that have been developed on a Macintosh or PC will be portable and immediately ready for use with the BeOS version.
MAXON will begin shipping CINEMA 4D for BeOS with the launch of BeOS Release 4 later this year.
Co-existing on an Intel Pentium based PC hard disk, BeOS is a new
Be Basics(TM) is specifically designed to take full advantage of the power and capabilities of the BeOS.
the BeOS has challenged us to think outside of the box when developing
Adamation is an important part of the expanding Be community and we believe their technology will facilitate the ever-growing migration to the BeOS.
We're very excited to have chosen the BeOS as our reference platform for these new products," said Stephan Adams, Ph.
This enables first time and professional BeOS users, as well as anyone working in the BeOS development environment, to have a better Internet experience than ever before.
Musgrove demonstrates how the "disproportionate scrutiny" that BEOs endured from 1966 to 1991 served as a pretext or prologue to the current political climate in which surveillance and scandal journalism are used to discredit and destroy political opponents.
The patients from the Phase 2a study were stratified into the two subgroups based on the median bEos in the overall study population: a lower bEos group was defined with peripheral eosinophils at[less than or equal to]0.