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(operating system)
The operating system originally designed to run on the BeBox microcomputer. BeOS is good at both multitasking and real-time operation. It has a bash command shell, with ports of many GNU programs by Be, Inc. It has a GUI front end (not X). A C++ compiler is supplied with the machine, and there are rumours of other languages being ported in the future.

BeOs eventually became used on the x86 and standard PPC.

Be, Inc. went bankrupt in 1999, after releasing the last upgrade of BeOS (R5.0.3), and was sold to Palm.

Several groups are currently (2003) attempting to create an R6 version of the OS. The most likely to succeed are Yellowtab and OpenBeOS, which is likely to be renamed.
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With special attention to Mary Sawyer's report on the harassment of black elected officials, which was the first of its kind, Musgrove argues that the failure to distinguish between actual harassment of BEOs and legitimate investigations of corruption undermined claims of repression.
20, 2008, at 48; Giridharadas, supra note 6 ("After passing an 18-page promotional dossier about the BEOS test to a few of his colleagues, Michael Gazzaniga, a neuroscientist and director of the SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said: 'Well, the experts all agree.
Define a banquet event order (BEO) and know its purpose.
Every operation that uses a BEO for internal communication uses some type of daily review meeting to discuss upcoming BEOs.
By providing your meeting specifications at an early date, you are assured of getting back banquet event orders (BEOs) in advance of the meeting.
Investcorp, a global provider and manager of alternative investment products, has announced that in partnership with Frankfort, Germany based Continuum Capital Investment Management GmbH, it has purchased Burocampus Wangen, based in Stuttgart, Germany, from BEOS Corporate Real Estate Fund Germany I, managed by BEOS for approximately EUR80 million, the company said.
The forum attended by barangay environment Officers (BEOs), students, barangay officials and environmental volunteers was part of the city's activities to mark World Environment Day.
In a court in the Indian city of Mumbai, a woman was convicted of murder based only on circumstantial evidence and a so-called brain electrical oscillations signature profiling (BEOS) test, the results of which prosecutors said suggested she was guilty.
In the realm of electoral politics, the number of black elected officials (BEOS) has grown from 104 in 1964 to 1,469 in 1970 to 8, 015 in 1990 to 9,101 in 2001 to 9,500 in 2006.
As an added bonus, these window managers can be configured to resemble most any OS on the market: Mac, NextStep, BEOS, or even Windows.
In April 2000, Hitachi partnered with Adamation as its master distributor in Japan and bundled personalStudio with all its multimedia-class machines running on the BeOS operating system for distribution here.
(KAN634) JEAN-LOUIS GASSEE, CEO of BE INCORPORATED (BEOS), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.