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A process that reduces asbestos fibers to pulp for making asbestos paper.



(Dutch, bij de wind), the course of a sailboat under head and side conditions when the angle made by the fore-and-aft line and the direction of the wind is less than 90° (eight compass points). Beating is described as “full” if the angle is more than six compass points and “sharp” if the angle is less than six compass points. The closest beat taken by modern yachts is about four points.

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The overall ease of use of the ACROBAT Off-Pump System, along with improvements in stabilization and maneuverability, allow surgeons to work with greater precision when performing beating heart CABG," said Dr.
Before the girls' volleyball season, Collette already was looking forward to beating Marmonte League powers Westlake and Royal of Simi Valley, saying the Panthers were due to finally beat those teams.
Amid growing evidence that coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery on the beating heart is safe, effective and easier on the patient than conventional CABG surgery with the time-honored "heart-lung machine," Medtronic, Inc.
which was the best team in the City Section by virtue of beating Dorsey of L.
Anastomosis, the connecting of vein grafts to the aorta and coronary arteries of the heart, is one of the most challenging aspects of performing traditional bypass and beating heart surgery.
Granada Hills' only loss was in the season opener to North Hollywood, a team that proved to be legitimate by later beating Sylmar.
of Patients That Can Now Benefit From Beating Heart Bypass Surgery
One must admire Mosley for accepting an immediate rematch after the beating he took, although some might suggest it would've been wiser to take a few relatively easy fights first.
Beating heart coronary bypass surgery represents one of the fastest growing segments in the cardiac surgery arena with approximately 700,000 bypass procedures performed worldwide each year.
Gradually add sugar, beating until until stiff and glossy.
Under the terms of the agreement, Heartport will continue to manufacture the Precision-OP system and develop other beating heart surgery technologies, which will be sold by the USS sales force with support from Heartport's organization.
While beating the absolute snot out of opponents, they also perform acts of magic.