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Brummell, Beau

(George Bryan Brummell) (brŭm`əl), 1778–1840, English dandy and wit. Brummell was greatly admired for his fastidious appearance and confident manner. He was an intimate of the prince regent (later George IV), and as such influenced men of society to wear dark, simply cut clothes and elaborate neckwear. He is also credited with having set the fashion for trousers rather than breeches. Having quarreled with the prince, and deeply in debt from gambling, Brummell fled to France, where, ironically, he lived for 14 years in poverty and squalor. He died insane in a hospital at Caen.


See biographies by H. Cole (1977).

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I was sitting in the window of my London club early on Thursday evening, sipping a glass of champagne, when my companion suddenly announced, "I feel just like Beau Brummel." I looked at him closely and was about to observe that he certainly didn't bear any physical resemblance to that legendary paragon of elegance, when he continued: "I mean I've come over all 18th Century."
His plays - "Beau Brummel," "The City," "The Masked Ball," "Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines," "The Truth," "The Climbers," "Barbara Frietchie" and all the rest - are mostly forgotten today.
Spanning three continents in 80 minutes, Black Atlas features an original score and depicts a vast range of key historical and fictional characters, including Molineaux, Richmond, George III, the Prince Regent, Paddington Jones, Beau Brummel and Pierce Egan.
In the last few years his visibility has been on the rise again, with plays for the National Theatre and Hampstead Theatre, a play about Beau Brummel which toured with Peter Bowles in the title role, and two projects for Warwickbased young people's company, Playbox Theatre.
BECOME a modern day Beau Brummel when you take in the catwalk shows at Bath's Fashion Festival next week (September 9-12).
Outsider Beau Brummel, owned by Al Montasir, trained by Alan Smith and ridden by Ali Hassan, was the run away winner in the race for locally bred horses for the Late Shaikh Rashid bin Isa Al Khalifa Cup (Opening Day Cup) which carried a cash prize of BD4,000.
In the top-25 the last three years with 13th place his best, our Beau Brummel has finally come of age, matching his ego and fashion flair with top-ofthe-range golf.
The first tenants of Savile Row were military officers and widows, but it was not until the advent of Beau Brummel in the early 19th century that Savile Row acquired the reputation for which it is renowned today.
In one corner you had White, in his almost Beau Brummel black-and- white chequered bow tie.
Hashaar, owned by Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, trained by James Naylor and ridden by Ali Al Saffar, routed Beau Brummel by three-and-half-a-length to win the race for locally bred horses.
He knows how to win, having now done so nine times around the world, is regarded as one of the straightest drivers and sharpest shortgame exponents on either side of the Atlantic, and how the Americans love this extrovert pink-outfitted Beau Brummel of the links.