(bōbo͝or`), popular name for the

Georges Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture

(zhôrzh pôNpēdo͞o`), museum in Paris, France; the popular name is derived from the district in which it is located. Proposed by French president Georges PompidouPompidou, Georges Jean Raymond
, 1911–74. French political leader, president of France (1969–74). Georges Pompidou taught school and then served in World War II until the fall (1940) of France, when he returned to teaching.
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 in 1969, the center was designed by architects Renzo PianoPiano, Renzo
, 1937–, Italian architect, b. Genoa. Piano attended architecture school at Milan Polytechnic, graduating in 1964. The prolific Piano has been lauded for responding to the needs of each building site rather than cleaving to a single architectural style and has
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 of Italy and Richard RogersRogers, Richard, Baron Rogers of Riverside,
1933–, British architect, b. Florence, Italy, studied Architectural Association, London (1954–59), Yale (M.Arch., 1962). With Norman Foster and two other architects he cofounded (1963) Team 4, his first firm.
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 of England along with the Danish engineering firm of Ove Arup and was opened in 1977. Its industrial style, with bold architectural elements such as its steel superstructure, clear plastic escalator tunnels, brightly colored elevators, and color-coded utility pipes and ducts exposed on the outside of the building, generated furious controversy during its construction and for some years thereafter. Like the Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower,
structure designed by A. G. Eiffel and erected in the Champ-de-Mars for the Paris exposition of 1889. The tower is 984 ft (300 m) high and consists of an iron framework supported on four masonry piers, from which rise four columns uniting to form one shaft.
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, which precipitated a critical storm in its own time, the Beaubourg has become a tourist attraction and a popular Parisian landmark. Now commanding much of the authority of a 20th-century LouvreLouvre
, foremost French museum of art, located in Paris. The building was a royal fortress and palace built by Philip II in the late 12th cent. In 1546 Pierre Lescot was commissioned by Francis I to erect a new building on the site of the Louvre.
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, the six-story building houses a museum of modern and contemporary art, a public library, a cinema and performance halls, and music and industrial design centers. By the early 1990s rust and peeling paint on the building's exterior made restoration necessary. Begun in 1997 and completed in 1999 (the museum reopened in 2000), the renovation included increased space, an updated library, basement theaters, a restaurant, and other expanded facilities. In 2010 the Beaubourg opened its first regional museum, in Metz. The Pompidou-Metz features art from the Paris collection, showcased in a futuristic structure designed by the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. The Centre Pompidou Málaga opened in Spain in 2015, and the Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum opened in Shanghai, China, in 2019; both feature art from the Paris collection.


See N. Silver, The Making of Beaubourg (1994).

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J'en ai pris conscience lors de l'exposition que lui consacre le centre Beaubourg a Paris, ces jours-ci.
After coffee, the two "walked around the streets of Beaubourg, holding hands and stopped to have some water," according to the insider.
Marianne and Pierre Nahon became art dealers in order to continue to collect, founding the Galerie Beaubourg in Paris in 1973 to show work by Pop and New Realist artists, such as Cesar and Arman, who were also their friends.
The raffles include a 10 night stay in Maui at at 2 bedroom/2 bath condo in the Lahaina Historic District and a luxe Louis Vuitton Beaubourg handbag that can be worn three ways.
Proprio in questo periodo gli viene affidato il progetto con cui diventa famoso, il celeberrimo, Centre Georges Pompidou, a Parigi, detto anche "Beaubourg", un centro per l'arte contemporanea costruito con materiali inusuali.
E a epoca de Echange symbolique et la mort (1976), L'effet Beaubourg, Oublier Foucault (1977) e De la Seduction (1979).
The Filipino filmmaker recently traveled to France and met with distributor Thomas Shellac and programmer Antoine Thirion at MK2 Beaubourg.
Together with its western neighbour, Beaubourg, it packs in a feast of vintage boutiques, tiny thrift shops and artists' studios.
That is because "Beaubourg", as it became known, wore its heart on its sleeve.
C'etait pour moi l'occasion de presenter, a deux pas de l'espace Beaubourg, haut lieu de la culture artistique parisienne, mes œuvres dans un espace social frequente par une population heteroclite.