Becker, Johann Philipp

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Becker, Johann Philipp


Born Mar. 19, 1809, in Fran-kenthal; died Dec. 7,1886, in Geneva. Active in the international and German workers’ movement.

Becker was of the working class and, beginning in the 1830’s, took part in the revolutionary movement. During the Baden-Pfalz uprising of 1849, Becker, commanding the Baden peoples’ militia, showed military and organizational talent. After the Revolution of 1848–49 he became a supporter of Marx and Engels. He was an active participant in the First International, one of the organizers of the German sections of the International in Switzerland, and editor of the magazine Der Vorbote (The Herald). As characterized by F. Engels, “he was a man who honorably took part in the liberation struggle of three generations” (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., vol. 21, p. 333).


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