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(also decubitus ulcer), the necrosis of soft tissues resulting from constant pressure and accompanied by circulatory and trophic nerve disorders. Bedsores develop in persons confined to bed for a prolonged period, for example, in elderly patients with fractures, in patients with diseases of the central nervous system, and in patients with traumas of the spinal cord.

Bedsores form in the region of the sacrum, shoulder blades, heels, or elbow joints. The skin, which is the superficies of the bedsore, is affected, as is the subcutaneous cellular tissue that contains muscles. A deep subcutaneous bedsore is dangerous in that it can result in an infected wound and intoxication. A bedsore may develop because of pressure on the skin from a plaster cast or from an orthopedic prosthesis or apparatus. It may also develop on the mucosa of the mouth because of pressure caused by dental prostheses.

Treatment of bedsores includes ultraviolet irradiation, administration of potassium permanganate solutions, application of dressings, use of general analeptic measures, and less frequently, surgery. Prophylaxis includes good care of the skin, for example, by rubbing, and a regular change of linens, and the use of bedpans and special pneumatic massaging mattresses. It is also important occasionally to shift the patient’s position in bed.

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The Synidor system, developed by Mr Edwards, is a "smoke alarm" for bed sores, reminding healthcare staff to turn patients.
The report by the CSCI states that staff did not properly document treatment of his bed sores, resulting in a fluctuating level of care.
A detailed report also found Tullideph gave Mrs Low's GP "inaccurate" information about her bed sore.
She added: "I know what bed sores are but these were huge holes in my mother's body on her legs, the size of melons.
The First Minister pledged to introduce a new monitoring and reporting system to record and publish incidents of bed sores in care homes.
Baroness Ilora Finlay says bed sores, also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers, are a "marker of bad care" and could act as an "early warning trigger" of neglect or abuse in nursing homes.
We know that if patients are not turned on a regular basis, they can develop bed sores during their hospital stay as pressure builds up on their skin.
A multi-disciplinary team of scientists at US industrial and financial services group GE's (NYSE: GE) GE Global Research technology development arm have combined an impressive range of sensing and analytical capabilities into a single medical sensing device to assess and monitor the progression of pressure ulcers, or bed sores, the company said on Thursday.
Jacqueline, 42, has spina bifida, which means she requires a specially-made electronic mattress which helps alleviate the pressure of bed sores.
In the penultimate episode of another wonderful series, Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie, right) comes up with an idea to help a patient with bed sores.
CALL THE MIDWIFE BBC1 8pm In the penultimate episode of another wonderful series, Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie, right) comes up with an idea to help a patient with bed sores.
Before her death in Monklands Hospital, her horrified family found she had bed sores so advanced her skin had been eaten away.