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(also decubitus ulcer), the necrosis of soft tissues resulting from constant pressure and accompanied by circulatory and trophic nerve disorders. Bedsores develop in persons confined to bed for a prolonged period, for example, in elderly patients with fractures, in patients with diseases of the central nervous system, and in patients with traumas of the spinal cord.

Bedsores form in the region of the sacrum, shoulder blades, heels, or elbow joints. The skin, which is the superficies of the bedsore, is affected, as is the subcutaneous cellular tissue that contains muscles. A deep subcutaneous bedsore is dangerous in that it can result in an infected wound and intoxication. A bedsore may develop because of pressure on the skin from a plaster cast or from an orthopedic prosthesis or apparatus. It may also develop on the mucosa of the mouth because of pressure caused by dental prostheses.

Treatment of bedsores includes ultraviolet irradiation, administration of potassium permanganate solutions, application of dressings, use of general analeptic measures, and less frequently, surgery. Prophylaxis includes good care of the skin, for example, by rubbing, and a regular change of linens, and the use of bedpans and special pneumatic massaging mattresses. It is also important occasionally to shift the patient’s position in bed.

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They were assessed for signs of bed sores such as redness, skin heat, and swelling and pain on days three, seven and 10.
Bed sores are a terrible condition, and treating such conditions is estimated to cost nearly 10% of the annual Welsh NHS budget."
Bed sores are often caused when a large amount of pressure is applied to an area of skin over a short period of time and becomes starved of oxygen.
But in her defence, Mrs Mascarenhas - a nurse since 1973 and a specialist district nurse since 1977 - said the therapies used had not harmed patients and in fact improved their bed sores.
"Inactivity and bed sores were pushing them toward death C* here death is so close," he said.
Mrs Bravette noticed an unpleasant smell and was shocked when she realised it was as a result of her husband's bed sores.
Originally developed to help prevent bed sores and increase patient comfort in hospitals, the Natural Form bed currently is utilized at top health care facilities.
Hospitals with a better safety climate--interpersonal, work unit, and organizational safety attitudes and safeguards--have a lower incidence of patient safety problems such as bed sores, postoperative hemorrhage, and health care-associated infections.
Hospitals will also work to prevent methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections and prevent and treat bed sores.
Medicare has been posting more quality information on its Web site, listing nursing homes that fair poorly in state inspections on measures such as the percentage of residents who have bed sores or who spend most of their time in a chair or bed.
* The most common types of medical errors were bed sores, failure to rescue, and postoperative respiratory failure.
The ergonomically designed Currette can be used to effectively treat such wounds as: burns, bed sores, diabetic ulcers, and more.