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C18H24O2 An estrogenic hormone produced by follicle cells of the vertebrate ovary; provokes estrus and proliferation of the human endometrium, and stimulates ICSH (interstitial-cell-stimulating hormone) secretion.



C18H24O2, a female sex hormone of the estrogen group with the structural formula

Estradiol occurs as colorless crystals with a melting point of 176°–178°C. Poorly soluble in water, it dissolves better in organic solvents. It is optically active, with a specific rotation of [α]D= +81°.

Estradiol was first isolated in 1935 from the follicular fluid of the ovaries of swine by the American biochemist E. Doisy. Of all the estrogens, it has the highest physiological activity, but it is rapidly inactivated in the body. Longer-acting preparations of estradiol (estradiol dipropionate and estradiol benzoate) are obtained by the esterization of estradiol with various organic acids. Estradiol has important physiological functions (seeESTROGEN).

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Adds Bedol, "We are going to broadcast 10,000 live events online during the coming year, and we felt it was important to make the experience the best it can be for our business partners as well as our shared consumers.
Bedol was also a co-founder of The Classic Sports Network, a cable channel that became popular with nongame sports programming such as documentaries and nostalgia shows.
Folk singer Chris Jones launches his album at Palas Print in Caernarfon, and in Bethel, The Bedol hosts 'Gig Gwion' to help raise funds for the family of Gwion Williams, who was injured in a crash on the A55 earlier this month, to help with the costs of being at his side in Stoke Hospital.
Peacefully at Pembroke Lodge, Colwyn Bay, previously of 16 Pont Y Bedol, Llanrhaeadr.
Earlier on the same day, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) voted to file electoral sabotage charges against Arroyo and three others -- Benjamin Abalos, who was chair of the Comelec at the time when the alleged fraud was committed, as well as Comelec election supervisor in Mindanao Lintang Bedol, former governor of Maguindanao Andal Ampatuan Senior and several others.
Roy and Fleischman joined forces with technology entrepreneur Frank Moss (MIT Media Lab Director, former CEO of Tivoli Systems) and media entrepreneur Brian Bedol (founder and former CEO, ESPN Classic and CBS College Sports) to transition the company from research prototypes to a scalable technology platform tuned to the needs of the media industry.
Brian Bedol and Steve Greenberg, who co-founded the Classic Sports Network in 1995 before selling it to ESPN two years later, are behind this project along with Chris Bevilacqua, a former senior executive with Nike Inc.
Eleri Foulkes, who is organising the gig at Y Bedol, Bethel said: "We are raising the funds to help Gwion's family, as they are travelling back and forwards to the hospital in Stoke.
The event at Y Bedol, Bethel, Caernarfon, is in aid of NFU Cymru's 2012 nominated charity, Alzheimer's Society Wales and the North Wales Agricultural Show.
Efallai fod S4C wedi rhoi rhyw hanner tro bedol yn cael Gerallt Pennat yn ei l, ond hanner tro yw hi - dydi Wedi 7, fel rhaglen dda, ddim wedi ei hachub, dim ond rhoi plastar ar Heno mae nhw wedi gyfaddawdu a dio'm ots faint mae Iolo a Sian Cothi yn crwydro'r wlad, mae rhywun yn teimlo fod yna gyfoeth o hanes allan yna sydd ddim yn cyrraedd y sgrin na radio.
Plus, consumers can expect to find unique last-minute stocking stuffers like tension-free, refillable pens from Baumgartens and water-filled alarm clocks from Bedol.
Brian Bedol and Steve Greenberg, who started Classic Sports Network until mounting debts forced them to sell it to ESPN, are involved in creating the first 24-hour, all-college sports network.