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(also decubitus ulcer), the necrosis of soft tissues resulting from constant pressure and accompanied by circulatory and trophic nerve disorders. Bedsores develop in persons confined to bed for a prolonged period, for example, in elderly patients with fractures, in patients with diseases of the central nervous system, and in patients with traumas of the spinal cord.

Bedsores form in the region of the sacrum, shoulder blades, heels, or elbow joints. The skin, which is the superficies of the bedsore, is affected, as is the subcutaneous cellular tissue that contains muscles. A deep subcutaneous bedsore is dangerous in that it can result in an infected wound and intoxication. A bedsore may develop because of pressure on the skin from a plaster cast or from an orthopedic prosthesis or apparatus. It may also develop on the mucosa of the mouth because of pressure caused by dental prostheses.

Treatment of bedsores includes ultraviolet irradiation, administration of potassium permanganate solutions, application of dressings, use of general analeptic measures, and less frequently, surgery. Prophylaxis includes good care of the skin, for example, by rubbing, and a regular change of linens, and the use of bedpans and special pneumatic massaging mattresses. It is also important occasionally to shift the patient’s position in bed.

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This is your brain's subconscious way of telling you to move areas of your body that have restricted blood supply and which are, as a result, susceptible to developing pressure ulcers (also known as bedsores or pressure sores).
Stage three bedsores only occur when stage one and stage two bedsores do not receive effective or adequate medical care.
In particular, we propose a bed position detection service that is the input for other two important services, namely, bedsores prevention and sleep monitoring services.
At about a little over an inch square, the cells are small enough to move the point of contact off of points in danger of developing bedsores without feeling awkward.
Bedsores hit 412,000 NHS patients a year and the latest figures show they killed 4,708 people between 2003 and 2008 - close to the MRSA death-toll.
Lees are always happy to hear from people with possible bedsore injuries or any other medical negligence enquiries.
Further, the plaintiff presented testimony from a Registered Nurse who, testifying as a nursing expert, stated that after the patient's bedsores were diagnosed, the patient was not turned for periods ranging from three to eight hours.
If you, or someone you know, is suffering from a bedsore, you should seek legal advice NOW, to assist you in obtaining compensation for the effects of the bedsore on everyday life, and to help with any treatment which may be required.
She was re-admitted to hospital when the bedsore became severely infected but tragically died just a few days later.
The court held, inter alia, that the allegations that the physician concealed the patient's untreatable bedsore, opposed her medically necessary hospitalization, and then abandoned the patient were sufficient to state a cause of action for elder abuse.
Surveyors spend as much regulatory time on a burnt out light bulb as they do an avoidable bedsore. Sure there is "scope and severity," but it's like getting a speeding ticket for going one mile over the limit.