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(also decubitus ulcer), the necrosis of soft tissues resulting from constant pressure and accompanied by circulatory and trophic nerve disorders. Bedsores develop in persons confined to bed for a prolonged period, for example, in elderly patients with fractures, in patients with diseases of the central nervous system, and in patients with traumas of the spinal cord.

Bedsores form in the region of the sacrum, shoulder blades, heels, or elbow joints. The skin, which is the superficies of the bedsore, is affected, as is the subcutaneous cellular tissue that contains muscles. A deep subcutaneous bedsore is dangerous in that it can result in an infected wound and intoxication. A bedsore may develop because of pressure on the skin from a plaster cast or from an orthopedic prosthesis or apparatus. It may also develop on the mucosa of the mouth because of pressure caused by dental prostheses.

Treatment of bedsores includes ultraviolet irradiation, administration of potassium permanganate solutions, application of dressings, use of general analeptic measures, and less frequently, surgery. Prophylaxis includes good care of the skin, for example, by rubbing, and a regular change of linens, and the use of bedpans and special pneumatic massaging mattresses. It is also important occasionally to shift the patient’s position in bed.

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A bedsore is caused by reduced blood supply to a 'pressure area' such as the back of the head, buttocks or heels.
The risk of various infections and complications, such as sepsis, can develop in bedsores if they aren't treated immediately and effectively.
The information about the position while the patient is in bed would allow us to support caregivers in the prevention of bedsores and monitoring of patient's sleeping behaviour.
candidate Miriam Theilla at the Rabin Medical Center, he designed a randomized experiment to determine the impact of dietary fish oil supplements on the bedsores of critically ill patients.
At about a little over an inch square, the cells are small enough to move the point of contact off of points in danger of developing bedsores without feeling awkward.
Bedsores hit 412,000 NHS patients a year and the latest figures show they killed 4,708 people between 2003 and 2008 - close to the MRSA death-toll.
The trend away from using protective restraints may reflect a growing recognition that they do more harm than good, as they reduce healthful physical activity and increase bedsores, chronic constipation and incontinence, and emotional and other problems, according to AHRQ.
The product also protects bedsores from being further strained by pressure.
Often the courts in the same state cannot agree on whether a Registered Nurse should be permitted to testify not only as to the applicable standards for treating and attempting to prevent bedsores. However, in this case a court was willing to ignore the doctrine of stare decisis and admit a nurse's testimony as to the cause of bedsores.
Patients who are hospitalized may develop sepsis in response to an infection from intravenous lines, surgical wounds, or bedsores.
She alleged that North Shore failed to diagnose the existence of her 74 year-old Mother's bedsores, prevent the bedsores, prevent the bedsores from developing, turn her mother as required, properly monitor her mother's condition, and failed to properly treat the bedsores so that they became infected, resulting in infection, sepsis, and ultimately, the death of the patient.
There were 12 patients who were seriously injured from a fall, four surgeries in which doctors left a foreign object inside a patient, three medication errors, two suicide attempts, two pressure ulcers (bedsores), one air embolism (gas in the bloodstream), and one burn.