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popular name for the Yeomen of the GuardYeomen of the Guard,
bodyguard, now ceremonial in function, of the sovereign of England. When the guard was originated by Henry VII in 1485, its members had numerous duties as defenders of the king's person and household functionaries.
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 and for the warders of the Tower of London. Both wear colorful uniforms modeled after those of the Elizabethan period.
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Beefeaters must be former senior Non-Commissioned Officers from the Army, RAF or Royal Marines with at least 22 years' service, and must hold long service and good conduct medals.
The new Premier Inn hotel and Beefeater restaurant is located on Broad Street Plaza in Halifax Town Centre and has injected a total investment of over Au6.
It's not certain how the Warders gained the nickname Beefeaters but Mr Wilcock said: "It is most probably because they served at the king's table when beef was a most unusual dish and they were given what was left over.
Whether you pop in for a quick lunch, or visit for dinner, every occasion is special at the Black Bear Beefeater Grill on the outskirts of the city.
Mr Sanders-Crook told the MoS that Miss Cameron's arrival in 2007, making her the first female Beefeater in the Tower of London's 1,000-year history, was not met with universal approval.
STAYING PUT Moira Cameron was the first female Beefeater.
All the Beefeaters in tracksuits with baseball caps and the Queen and Prince Philip arriving at Westminster on a motorbike and sidecar?
It will be about six months before she begins guided tours of the attraction - first she must finish learning what Beefeaters refer to as "the story".
A BEEFEATER at the Tower of London was making history today when she became the first woman to take up the post.
Beefeaters must have served at least 22 years in the armed services before they can apply.