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popular name for the Yeomen of the GuardYeomen of the Guard,
bodyguard, now ceremonial in function, of the sovereign of England. When the guard was originated by Henry VII in 1485, its members had numerous duties as defenders of the king's person and household functionaries.
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 and for the warders of the Tower of London. Both wear colorful uniforms modeled after those of the Elizabethan period.
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In principle, Beefeaters are also responsible for looking after any prisoners in the Tower but the last lags to be incarcerated in the Tower were the gangster Kray twins in 1952.
The historic palaces are officially owned by the Queen, but the Beefeaters were at pains to stress they do not hold the Royal Household responsible.
And elsewhere, Chief Beefeater Chris Morton announces his imminent retirement, meaning the Mace and Gaoler's axe will be handed on to the next generation.
The recruitment campaign for PS30,000-a-year Beefeaters offers "a career in modern heritage tourism for forward-thinking people-focused individuals who are excellent communicators and have an inherent sense of fun".
"When I started writing the novel, the Beefeater's wife, Hebe Jones, was British," says Ms Stuart.
But then I don't socialise with 70 per cent of the Beefeaters."
The two sacked Beefeaters have the right to lodge an appeal within a week, and the third will return to work shortly.
It will be about six months before she begins guided tours of the attraction - first she must finish learning what Beefeaters refer to as "the story".
Beefeaters, on PS30,000 to PS40,000, last walked out in 1963, for an extra 25 shillings a week.
(That's a disaster?) So when the Beefeaters' Raven Master - yes, there is one - reported that, like the Python parrot, raven Charlie was "bereft of life, resting in peace", a reserve was swiftly summoned from the bench.
But now the fascinating history of the Beefeaters of the Tower of London is to be captured for ever.