Beer, Thomas

Beer, Thomas,

1889–1940, American author, b. Council Bluffs, Iowa, grad. Yale, 1911, and studied law at Columbia, 1911–13. He is best remembered for his biographies of Stephen Crane (1923) and Marcus (Mark) Hanna (1929) and his witty study of American manners in the 1890s, The Mauve Decade (1926). Some of his realistic short stories were collected by Wilson Follett in Mrs. Egg and Other Barbarians (1947).
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George Washington loved beer, Thomas Jefferson brewed beer and Samuel Adams not only inherited a brewery from his father, but his name and likeness have helped launch today's craft beer movement.
Standing next to a group of German tourists who came specifically to attend the festival and enjoy the delicious beer, Thomas and Konard joyfully expressed, "What a great beer
Finally, it bears mentioning that now would be a good time to stock up on the consummate cellaring beer, Thomas Hardy's Ale from England's O'Hanlon's Brewery, the overseers of which have decided that the 2008 vintage will be the last they brew.
In fact, orders in hand for the month of April are significantly ahead of prior year for Pyramid beer, Thomas Kemper Soda and in total," said Martin Kelly, President and CEO.
According to company executives, the improvement in earnings was due to higher sales for Pyramid beer, Thomas Kemper soda and the alehouse division, and substantial operating efficiency gains in both the beverage and alehouse divisions.