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As a martial arts instructor, I beg to differ. Any punch to the head by a trained man has the potential to cause serious injury.
I beg to differ. The 6.5 Creedmoor existed for over 60 years as the 6.5-250 Ackley Improved.
Perceived wisdom is that tennis is dominated by baseline grinders but Murray may beg to differ after his first week at Wimbledon.
I beg to differ with Marshall Breger's statement ("Recognizing Jerusalem Means Nothing--and Everything," January/February 2018) that recognition of Jerusalem as part of Israel by the U.S.
I beg to differ! In my opinion, we are actually crossing over to the 'right' side of fifty - mathematically, philosophically and experientially speaking.
Based on the way City took apart Shakhtar Donetsk, I beg to differ.
The Australian band Hands Like Houses may be singing "We don't belong here'' in its song, "Introduced Species,'' but I beg to differ. It's a fast-paced, manic ride of a song, but its catchiness and energy make it endearing.
IN response to Kevin Lynch's letter 'Wrong verdict' (Telegraph, Nov 18), I beg to differ. This was the right verdict for a cold blooded murder.
I beg to differ. After trying two "non-kink" and very heavy hoses that invariably did just that, I invested in a 100-ft.
Well, we beg to differ. We reckon she's the pride of Birmingham.
Ayman Zidan would beg to differ after recent death threats made against him.
In Diana's case I beg to differ. - Dave Swann, Lemington, Tyne & Wear WHAT a fitting tribute the Sunday Mirror published to the late Princess of Wales.