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beggin, begging

1. A dwelling of larger size than a cottage.
2. In the north of England and in Scotland, a house.
3. A term especially applied to a hut covered with mud or turf.
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Some recent decisions by certain officials begger belief.
She is a cheeky little begger. I have no idea where she gets it from.
FLAG DAY: John Spencer (left) and David Frost (third from left), of the Chamber, welcome Swedish visitors (from left) Soren Mellberg, Per Begger and Tomas Rosander
There I was at Sainsbury's, Shorehead, on Friday afternoon, with a full trolley and my 21-month-old son when begger me, but a security guard who works at the store got in the car parked at the side of me!
She still feels like a begger when people do this and wishes they wouldn't treat her as such.
But even acknowledging the lack of real necessity for begging in Britain and recognising that a proportion of the beggers are con-artists who go home to their free accommodation, cash-in-hand work and Vauxhall Vectras run on state handouts, I find the targeting of the East Europeans extremely unsettling.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 5.35 Summer Glow, 6.05 Beggers Belief, 6.35 Cheherazad, 7.05 Circus Mondao, 7.35 Bounty Seeker, 8.05 Love Nest, 8.35 Elsie's Orphan, 9.05 Rock Anthem.
Outside the Post Office at Villa Road, Ms Foley said action was being taken on cases of aggressive beggers who shoppers found intimidating.
Well, if Channel 4 is going to play silly beggers with the scheduling it may as well continue until the bitter end.
Beggers was calmness personified midway through the first half when he pointed out that: "Cameroon just need to be patient, keep their heads and play their football," as the plucky Saudis made a real game of it.