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However, this begs the question of how will such an enormous continent with 54 countries embrace these new forms of technology?
It also begs the question why have we not heard words of disagreement from Mayor Dave Budd and the other Labour members of the committee.
The consideration of the CCG members seemed to be wholly that of finances and staffing - in other words their difficulty retaining A&E consultants at the existing site which begs the question what can they do to retain such staff or are such staff being forced out of the NHS through a deterioration of their working conditions?
The film is a huge departure from anything else he has done in his comedy career, so it begs the question: is Stewart considering a change in his career?
This series of unfortunate incidents also begs the question of whether there is simply too much traffic on the roads of the region's busiest city centre.
Which begs the question: Why did our hopeless immigration bosses wait for the Olympics before getting their act together?
Which begs the question, why is so much of our broadcasting, in Welsh and English, centred on incestuous Cardiff?
It begs the question, is he still blatantly flouting the law now he has alerted pedestrians in his neighbourhood and any eagleeyed police officers who happen to read the Birmingham Mail?
"This begs the question, if the federal government can not only meet but exceed these requirements for stimulus funds, why can't these goals be met year in and year out?" she said at a March 4 committee meeting.
Which begs the question: Considering the political capital that legislative leaders have thrown away even by just encouraging the tax onslaught, wouldn't it have been easier just to vote for an income tax and get the whole thing over with?
However, the failure of some trainers to ensure their runners enter the parade ring on time begs the question whether a limit should be placed on the number of runners a trainer can have in a particular race, since it is thought increasing financial penalties will have no impact.