Martin Behaim

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Behaim, Martin


Born Oct. 6, 1459, in Nuremberg; died July 29, 1507, in Lisbon. German geographer and voyager.

In 1492, Behaim made the globe “Earth Apple,” which was 0.54 m in diameter and which reflected the geographical notions about the surface of the earth that existed on the eve of the discovery of the New World. His original was a map of the world based primarily on Ptolemy’s information. His globe is of the greatest historical and geographical value (on exhibition at the Nuremberg Museum).

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In 1492, Martin Behaim, a German cosmographer and philosopher, presented a globe to the Welsers and other rich banking and trading houses in Nuremberg to demonstrate the new realities of a radically changing world.
Martin Behaim: His Life and His Globe, George Philip, London.
La influencia de las cartografias de Claudio Ptolomeo y de Henricus Martellus Germanus se hace presente en el primer globo terraqueo conservado, obra del aleman Martin Behaim (1492) (52).
* El geografo aleman Martin Behaim construye su Erdapfel--<<manzana terrestre>>--, el globo terraqueo mas antiguo que se conserva.
Here the letters of the Behaim family, long known to us through the work of Steven Ozment, are a mine of information on the making and the cost of clothes, on their role within the family and on their meaning as a marker of status.
ThatAAEs all according to the worldAAEs oldest surviving globe, which was created by a Nuremberg merchant-explorer called Martin Behaim in 1492, just as Christopher Columbus set out on his first trip to the West Indies.
"We are increasing knowledge of our own language and also respect for other's language." Meanwhile the new globes - which come more than five centuries after the earliest still-surviving example by German explorer Martin Behaim dating back to 1492 - are already proving popular with schools.
En tal sentido cruzo correspondencia con Martin Behaim, el inventor del astrolabio, sobre los adelantos tecnicos del momento.
Her original investigation of the family archive of the Behaim merchant family serves as an elaborate illustration of the complex social network in which generations of a single leading family operated and managed their affairs.
(2.) The oldest existing world representation as a globe comes from the late fifteenth century, created in Nurnberg by Martin Behaim.