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What does it mean when you dream about beheading?

A dream of being beheaded may indicate traumatic memories about bad judgments and wrong decisions made by the dreamer. The head symbolizes the intellect, so beheading can also represent alienation from feelings or from one’s own body. (See also Decapitation, Guillotine).

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Turkish FM condemns ISIL beheading of 3 peshmerga fighters
The Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram has released a video that purportedly shows militants beheading two men, its first online posting using advanced graphics and editing techniques reminiscent of footage from Islamic State.
Another woman, who watched a different beheading video, wrote: "I was happy to see the beheading of that kaafir (non-believer), I just rewinded to the cutting part," before calling for "more beheadings please!", according to the study.
The Egyptian Armed Forces General Command announced Monday morning the launch of the first airstrike against "Islamic State" (IS) in Libya in response to the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic fishermen.
BARBARIC Islamic State terrorists have released a horrific video of captured soldiers being led to their deaths and the beheading of a US aid worker.
The extremist group released a video showing a masked militant beheading Kassig and standing over a severed head.
PRIME Minister David Cameron has condemned Islamic State as a "depraved organisation" after a video was released showing the beheading of US hostage Peter Kassig.
Our revulsion makes us different from the religious zealots who are prone to commit or celebrate acts like beheadings. The zealots often hew to a fringe of their faith that holds that the spirit and the body are at war with each other.
Defending IS executions, he said: "These people are our oppressors, of course it's justified." Asked about other beheadings, he laughed: "Yeah, we kind of beheaded some guys as well.
In a 45-page report on the situation in the war-ravaged country, the panel described beheadings of boys as young as 15, men flogged for things like smoking, and many more crimes.
According to AFP news agency, these four beheadings mean Saudia Arabia has executed 32 people this year.
20 ( ANI ): In a continued controversy surrounding the extent to which violent content can be shown on Facebook, the social networking giant has reportedly said that it will continue showing footages of beheadings as long as they are in the 'right context'.