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, town (1994 pop. 14,900), NE Israel, in the Jordan River valley, c.300 ft (90 m) below sea level. Situated in a fertile farming region, it is a center for agricultural experiments. Textiles are manufactured.
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, Israel.
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The Palestinian refugees came from Lydda, Ramleh, Acre, Safad, Tiberias, Beisan and Bir Sabe', and scores of villages around those cities and towns.
The Christian communities of Safad, Beisan, Kufr Bir'im, Iqrith, Suhmata, Al Birwa, Ma'alul, Al Bassa and many others who are still waiting for justice to prevail."
During and after the war, the Zionist forces proceeded to wipe out entire villages and other civilian landmarks, obliterating hundreds of Palestinian villages and completely clearing five towns (Safad, Beisan, Tiberias, Beersheba, and al Majdal) of their Arab residents.
Jaffa waged war on us, Haifa waged war on us, Beisan waged war on us.
Statistics were as follows (Arab versus Jewish land ownership in percentages): Safad: 68/18; Acre: 87/3; Tiberias: 51/38; Haifa: 42/35; Nazareth: 52/28; Beisan: 44/34; Jenin: 84/1, Tulkarm: 78/17; Nablus: 87/1; Jaffa: 47/39; Ramle: 77/14; Ramallah: 99/less than 1; Jerusalem: 84/2; Gaza: 75/4; Hebron: 96/less than 1; Beersheeba: 15/less than 1
In termenii actualei impartiri administrative, teritoriul evreiesc proiectat de Comisie ar cuprinde sub districtele Acra, Safad, Tiberias, Nazareth, Haiffa si o parte din subdistrictele Jenin-Tulkarum, Beisan, Jaffa si Ramla; teritoriul arab ar cuprinde sub districtele Nablous, Ramallah, Jericho, Hebron, Gaza, Beersheba si parte din subdistrictele Baisan, Jenin, Tulkarm, Jaffa, Rambla, Jerusalim si Bethlehem.
Interior Ministry's remarks said it is likely that an earthquake measuring 7,5 degrees at Richter Scale could hit the country with its center in Beisan. Expected death toll would around 19000 people, the paper added.
Jewish soldiers of his hometown, Beisan, twenty miles south of the Sea
Los escarabeos de marfil son tambien raros en Oriente, aunque se conoce un ejemplar de Beisan (Decamps, 1954: no.
(22.) We have considered and discarded the possibility that this is the body of a gray Beisan amphora (Sarachane type 7A) because the painted decoration is horizontal and confined to the shoulder, because of the location of the ridging, and because the fabric is indistinguishable with a hand lens from that of 1-41.