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, town (1994 pop. 14,900), NE Israel, in the Jordan River valley, c.300 ft (90 m) below sea level. Situated in a fertile farming region, it is a center for agricultural experiments. Textiles are manufactured.
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, Israel.
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He received a 1.5-room apartment in Beit She'an, where he lived with his wife and their baby.
In the years to come, some of the ma'abarot morphed into small cities such as Kiryat Shemona and Beit She'an, and often into Israel's poorest neighborhoods.
It entered Israeli airspace near the Beit She'an Valley, having entered Israel from Jordanian airspace.
Twenty minutes later, alarm sirens sounded in Beit She'an and the Gilboa and Emek HaMa'ayanot Regional Councils, northern Israel.
The drone entered Israel via Jordanian airspace, flying for a minute and a half before it was intercepted by an Israel Air Force Apache helicopter near the town of Beit She'an.
"As part of the country's defenses, sirens were activated but there was no danger for the residents of Beit She'an. It was decided to attack the trailer from which the Iranians launched the UAV.
The sites are the southern Beit She'an Valley, the narrow Jordan Valley, Nahal Tirzah floodplain, and the Sartaba Range and its surroundings.
The cities of Safed, Tiberias, Kiryat Shmona, Beit She'an and Eilat, unfortunately, are all built above the Syrian-African fault-line."
That was in 2002, in his hometown of Beit She'an. Palestinian terrorists opened fire at random with grenades and AK-47s, killing six, very nearly including Siboni, who took rounds in the gut and left leg, where a bullet remains.
The second impresario is Ya'ish Ohana, who in 1979 announced to the world that Elijah the Prophet revealed to him in dreams that the Gate to Paradise lay in the backyard of his modest home in the town of Beit She'an. There is a Talmudic tradition that links Beit She'an, then renowned for the fertility of its land, with Paradise, and soon many people reported dreams supporting Ya'ish's claims.