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Karshi (kərshēˈ), city (1991 pop. 168,000), S Uzbekistan, on the Kashka-Darya River. It is the center of a fertile oasis that produces wheat, cotton, and silk. Karshi was founded in the 9th cent. as a stop on the caravan route between Samarkand and Afghanistan. It has a 16th-century mosque and mausoleum.
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a city in Kashkadar’ia Oblast, Uzbek SSR. It is situated in the center of the Karshi Oasis, on the Kashkadar’ia River, at a junction of highways and railroads leading to Kagan, Dushanbe, Kitab, and Samarkand. Population, 79, 000 (1972; 23, 000 in 1939).

The industry of Karshi is represented by cotton-ginning, oil-extraction and dairy plants, a brewery, mechanical and motor repair plants, meat-packing and milling combines, a garment factory, and enterprises producing building materials and railroad stock. Napless two-sided Farsi carpets (palas) are made in the city. Karshi is a center for the development of the Karshi Steppe.

The cultural institutions of Karshi include a pedagogical institute; a polytechnicum; agricultural, cooperative, and cultural technicums; a medical college; teachers and preschool teachers colleges; and a music and drama theater. Karshi took shape in the first half of the 14th century on the ancient caravan route from Samarkand and Bukhara to Afghanistan, India, and other countries; it became a city in 1926.


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