Beketov, Aleksei

Beketov, Aleksei Nikolaevich


Born Feb. 19 (Mar. 3), 1862, in Khar’kov; died there Nov. 23, 1941. Ukrainian architect.

Beketov studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art (1881–85). In 1898 he attained the rank of professor there. He became an Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR in 1941. Beketov worked primarily in the tradition of Russian classical architecture. His main works are in Khar’kov (more than 30 buildings) and include Tevelev Square (1898–1907), the Agricultural Institute (1907–12), and a bank (1932). In 1930, Beketov designed model plans for residential houses, schools, and vacation houses for Donbas miners.


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