Bekhruz Shiralibek Ogly Kengerli

Kengerli, Bekhruz Shiralibek Ogly


(also Shamil’ Shiralibek ogly Kengerli). Born Jan. 10 (22), 1892, in Nakhichevan’; died there Feb. 7, 1922. Azerbaijani painter and graphic artist.

In 1916, Kengerli graduated from the School of Painting and Sculpture of the Caucasian Society for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in Tbilisi, where he had studied under O. I. Shmerling and E. M. Tatevosian. His works, which were primarily watercolors and drawings, include realist portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. A large collection of his works, including View of Nakhichevan’ From the Old Fortress (watercolor, 1920) and Red Army Soldier (1921, watercolor), is located in the R. Mustafaev Azerbaijan State Art Museum in Baku. Kengerli also worked as a stage artist.


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