Bel Canto

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Bel Canto


a style of singing that arose in Italy by the middle of the 17th century and is the basis of the Italian school of singing.

Bel canto is characterized by beauty and plasticity of tone; maximum lightness, flexibility, and facility of singing; smoothness of transition from one note to another; and elegance and virtuosity of performance. These specific characteristics of bel canto, which were inherent in the Italian school of singing at all stages of its development, are related to the tonal color and structural peculiarities of the Italian language as well as to folk song traditions.

While preserving its artistic and aesthetic basis, bel canto was enriched by new techniques of performance. The basic stages in the development of bel canto are the birth of Italian opera, the work of C. Monteverdi, the flowering of the Neapolitan school (A. Scarlatti), the creative period of V. Bellini and G. Donizetti (so-called classical bel canto), the work of G. Verdi, and the verismo school.

Bel canto influenced other national schools of singing. Sometimes the term bel canto means the whole Italian vocal culture or the melodiousness of any vocal performance.


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Then, after we worked together [on Wagner], he said, "This is bel canto You're absolutely right.
Following this, she continued her postgraduate training with Gilles Denizot at the Paris OperaLab, after studying with the renowned Bel Canto maestro, Ken Ormston.
State of Wonder is above all a mesmerizing, wildly impressive and transformative novel that surpasses even Bel Canto in its ambition and deeply satisfying success.
It is a demanding style that requires total concentration, therefore bel canto productions aren't generally presented with the over-the-top physical drama that we have become used to: the singers are saving all their energy for their voices.
Acclaimed "La Stupenda," - "the Stupendous One" - during a career spanning more than four decades, Sutherland was known in the opera world as an "anti-diva" diva whose warm vibrant sound and subtle coloring helped revitalize the school of early 19th-century Italian opera known as bel canto.
Thanks to the international success of the dashingly handsome 37-year-old Juan Diego Florez, widely regarded as the world's greatest living bel canto tenor, Peru remains in the global spotlight of the opera tradition.
The performers, Sima Kustanovich, one of the Northeast's most sought after pianists, and Olga Rogach, official pianist for the Bel Canto Vocal Scholarship Foundation, will present "Dance of the Russian Soul," a concert featuring dance-inspired works from great Russian composers.
Mattia Battistini (1856-1928) was an Italian operatic baritone, one of the last masters of the bel canto style, who came to enjoy favor with the Imperial family and nobility of Russia.
THE Bel Canto Singers are set to put on a special winter charity concert in a bid to support two Worcestershire charities.
If you want to hear her melt her way through glorious French chansons, or sparkle in bel canto by Donizetti and Verdi, it's a must.
If there was a way to describe Tommy Fleming's voice, it would have to be said he is a powerful operatic bel canto tenor, capable of dynamic crescendos.
The walkways -- Via bel Canto and Costa di Lago among them -- are composed of interlocking pavers, creating the feel of cobblestones.