Bel Canto

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Bel Canto


a style of singing that arose in Italy by the middle of the 17th century and is the basis of the Italian school of singing.

Bel canto is characterized by beauty and plasticity of tone; maximum lightness, flexibility, and facility of singing; smoothness of transition from one note to another; and elegance and virtuosity of performance. These specific characteristics of bel canto, which were inherent in the Italian school of singing at all stages of its development, are related to the tonal color and structural peculiarities of the Italian language as well as to folk song traditions.

While preserving its artistic and aesthetic basis, bel canto was enriched by new techniques of performance. The basic stages in the development of bel canto are the birth of Italian opera, the work of C. Monteverdi, the flowering of the Neapolitan school (A. Scarlatti), the creative period of V. Bellini and G. Donizetti (so-called classical bel canto), the work of G. Verdi, and the verismo school.

Bel canto influenced other national schools of singing. Sometimes the term bel canto means the whole Italian vocal culture or the melodiousness of any vocal performance.


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When an author has written a prizewinning book of the stature of Bel Canto, there's always a measuring--is this new book as good?
Flores sang with angelic purity and impressive command of bel canto ornamentation," gushed the Associated Press' Mike Silverman of the tenor's 2009 Met production of La Sonnambula.
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Pene Pati, 24, was the 2012 winner of the Bel Canto Award in Australia, while his brother Amita won the 2012 Lexus Song Quest - a competition that has helped launch the careers of some of the country's top singers.
Growing up in County Kildare, Talbot's first singing experience was in a church choir ran by her mother, before enrolling at the Bel Canto school in Dublin, aged 16.
Credited with bringing the bel canto style back to the operatic stage, Callas often sacrificed sound for style.
This fifth novel by the author of the much-admired Bel Canto is engaging, surprising, provocative and moving .
Soprano Stallcop-Horrox has been featured as a soloist with the Philadelphia Singers, Colorado Opera Festival, Colorado Springs Chorale, Seattle Opera, Orchestra Seattle and with Bel Canto Northwest in Portland.
Musically, it is a brilliant exercise in marrying bel canto tradition to Donizetti's dramatic and polyphonic ensembles much admired by Verdi.
Two 19th Century virtuoso violinists bring their own characters to bear on the Italian bel canto style, Paganini gilding his lyricism with typically brilliant roulades and Spohr winning us over with his melodic charms.
She's also a leading exponent of the bel canto repertoire and has a celebrated recording career.