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(pseudonym of Herman P. Schönfeld Wichers). Born July 21, 1902, in Naarden. Dutch author; physician by training.

Belcampo’s first book, Stories (1935), contains humorous stories of student life. The Wanderings of Belcampo (1938) is autobiographical. His New Stories (1946) are characterized by an ironic attitude toward reality. In the 1960’s, Belcampo’s work was enriched by philosophical and science fiction themes. His works include Leaps in the Surf (1950), The Love Drug (1953), and the collections of short stories The Fantasies of Belcampo (1958) and Between Heaven and Earth (1959). The imperfection of the world around us is the central theme of the collection of short stories Under the Cloak of Secrecy (1964).


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