Belcher Islands

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Belcher Islands,

c.1,110 sq mi (2,870 sq km), in E Hudson Bay, Nunavut Territory, Canada, off W Quebec. Flaherty Island is the largest of the tundra-covered group.
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Although Harp's field activities ended with the Belcher Island project, his research continued.
The obvious question is whether the Belcher Island Inuit knew how to make eider skin parkas before the caribou crisis, or whether it was the crisis itself that forced the creation of new knowledge to make this unusual kind of winter clothing.
Use and preference of traditional foods among the Belcher Island Inuit.
South Islands A series of small polynyas regularly occurring near the small islands south of the main Belcher Island groups.
Key words: traditional foods, food preferences, Belcher Island Inuit, Sanikiluaq
Heather Clayton lived and worked as a nurse in the north from 1959 to the beginning of the 1970s, first in Northern Ontario and then in Nunavut's Belcher Islands (Qikiqtani).
Sanikiluaq is an Inuit community of 850 residents on the Belcher Islands in southeastern Hudson Bay.
Sanikiluaq is an Inuit community of 850 residents situated on the Belcher Islands in southeastern Hudson Bay.
The following summer, Mackenzie, still intent on surveying the Belcher Islands, provided Flaherty with a schooner called The Laddie and a nine-man crew.
Wetalltok grinned and said, "The white man doesn't know everything." Indeed, the map led Flaherty to the Belcher Islands.
There are no cattle, pigs or horses on Sanikiluak, the only inhabited island in Hudson Bay's Belcher Islands.