Belcher Islands

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Belcher Islands,

c.1,110 sq mi (2,870 sq km), in E Hudson Bay, Nunavut Territory, Canada, off W Quebec. Flaherty Island is the largest of the tundra-covered group.
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Heather Clayton lived and worked as a nurse in the north from 1959 to the beginning of the 1970s, first in Northern Ontario and then in Nunavut's Belcher Islands (Qikiqtani).
Sanikiluaq is an Inuit community of 850 residents on the Belcher Islands in southeastern Hudson Bay.
Sanikiluaq is an Inuit community of 850 residents situated on the Belcher Islands in southeastern Hudson Bay.
The following summer, Mackenzie, still intent on surveying the Belcher Islands, provided Flaherty with a schooner called The Laddie and a nine-man crew.
The first concerns the depletion of caribou in the Quebec-Ungava peninsula, and the other the local extinction of caribou in the Belcher Islands.
The study site is the Hamlet of Sanikiluaq on the Belcher Islands in southeastern Hudson Bay, Canada (Figure 1).
Wetalltok grinned and said, "The white man doesn't know everything." Indeed, the map led Flaherty to the Belcher Islands.
There are no cattle, pigs or horses on Sanikiluak, the only inhabited island in Hudson Bay's Belcher Islands.
Leech (1966) dealt with about 20000 specimens from Hazen Camp, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut; Leech and Ryan (1972) reported 2375 specimens from Devon Island, Nunavut; and Koponen (1992) reported 1065 identifiable specimens from the Belcher Islands, Hudson Bay, Nunavut.
The database covers Nunavik (Quebec north of 55[degrees]), the nearby Nunavut islands including the Belcher Islands, Labrador north of 56[degrees], and adjacent marine areas.
Their range did not include the Belcher Islands, and belugas observed in aerial surveys of those islands do not appear to belong to the eastern coastal stock.