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1. A curved roof structure spanning an area; often spherical in shape.
2. A square prefabricated pan form; used in two-way joist (waffle) concrete floor construction.
3. A vault substantially hemispherical in shape, but sometimes slightly pointed or bulbous; a ceiling of similar form. also see geodesic dome and saucer dome.
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Famous Belgian Waffles made use of franchising as a quick expansion program to be one of the biggest in the food industry.
Cuisinart's most popular unit, said Rodgers, is the 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker.
OUR ORDER Starters: Buffalo chicken wings pounds 2.79, Haddock and mozzarella fishcakes pounds 2.29 Mains: Braised shoulder of lamb pounds 6.99, Morrocan meatballs with couscous pounds 5.99 Desserts: Cheesecake pounds 2.99, Belgian waffles pounds 1.99 Drinks: 2 pints of real ale pounds 3.90, Pimms and lemonade pounds 1.99, Lemonade pounds 1.55 Total: pounds 30.48 Verdict ....
Also known as Liege waffles, Unique Belgique Authentic Peal Sugar Waffles are baked with pearl-shaped sugar crystals that provide a unique, crunchy-sweet texture and are surprisingly sweeter than the traditional Belgian waffle. The waffles can be eaten plain or toasted and are made with all-natural ingredients, contain no tans fats and are kosher.
"Belgian waffles have already proven extremely successful on London's Oxford Street where there are around 12 popular outlets and equally we believe there is a gap in the market locally for freshly made gelato which has a very distinctive flavour.
Belgian Waffle Maker--These waffle makers make a lighter, higher waffle characterized by 1.25- to 1.50-inch deep pockets.
Belffles are newly launched sweet Belgian waffles, with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or colours.
TUCK IN to dishes like moules-frites - mussels and chips - or gorgeous Belgian waffles.
You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to its local delicacies - from moules-frites to Belgian waffles.
In Yum Yum, 2001, the eye careens across Belgian waffles and scoops of ice cream only to crash-land on platters of deli meats.
And even Belgian waffles are available in family packs.
Typical Platter: At most restaurants, Belgian waffles stand alone (phew!).

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