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Belgrano, Manuel


Born June 3, 1770, in Buenos Aires; died there June 20, 1820. Leader in the liberation struggle of the peoples of La Plata against Spanish rule; general. Born into a rich merchant family.

Belgrano graduated from the University of Salamanca (1793) in Spain. In 1794 he became secretary of the chamber of commerce in Buenos Aires. In the early 19th century he was one of the founders of the first newspapers dealing with economic and agricultural questions. He took part in the defense of Buenos Aires during the English invasion of La Plata in 1806–07. From the first days of the struggle of La Plata for independence from Spain, Belgrano was the leader of the movement. In February 1812 he was appointed commander of the Northern Army of Patriots. He won important battles against the Spanish troops near Tucumán (Sept. 24, 1812) and near Salta (February 1813). In late 1813 he suffered a defeat at the hands of the Spanish Army and was removed from command. He was sent with a diplomatic mission to Europe in 1814. Upon returning to Buenos Aires (1815), he once again served in important military positions.


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