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an urban-type settlement in Amur Raion, Khabarovsk Krai, RSFSR. It is located on the Aliur River, which flows into Lake Bolon’. It has a railroad station located 113 km southwest of Komsomol’sk-na-Amure. Population, 3,100 (1969). Logging is carried on there.



(also known as Bolen, Nuri-Odzhal, or Boulen-Odzhal), a lake in Khabarovsk Krai, in the RSFSR; the largest lake in the floodplain of the lower Amur. It has an area of 338 sq km, a depth up to 3 m, a length of about 70 km, and a maximum width of 20 km. Its basin is a fault depression filled with alluvial sedimentation. It abounds in shoals, especially in shore-lying areas. The rivers Kharpi, Simmi, Aliur, and others drain into the Bolon’. It is joined to the Amur River by a channel about 9 km long.

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Address : 10, Avenue Edouard Belin Cedex 4 Bp 54032 31055 Toulouse
to get families out skiing and learning to ski and connect them to our Western resorts," Dave Belin of RRC Associates, a consulting firm that works with the ski industry, told Mountain Town News.
Neuroscientist and psychologist Pascal Belin of the University of Glasgow in Scotland cautions that those areas may respond to acoustical differences in the sounds, not the emotion itself.
Cassandra Belin, 20, was also convicted for insulting and threatening three police officers at the time of her arrest, which sparked two days of rioting in the town of Trappes, near Paris, in July, 2013, Arab News reported.
TOP St George Dragons prop Jack De Belin visited England from Australia as part of the build-up to the Rugby League World Cup - and made a visit to Fartown one of his top priorities
The company has admitted failing to comply with an Environment Agency Wales notice requiring removal of the green waste from Plas Belin Farm.
The Indian world is tiny, the Native literary world even smaller, so I already knew Esther Belin, dg okpik, Sara Marie Ortiz, Stephen Graham Jones, and Santee Frazer, and solicited work directly from them.
However, Michael Belin, Professor of Ophthalmology and Vision Science in the US, said it could be misdiagnosed by only looking through the 'inferior steepening' --the bulging appearance of the cornea, in isolation to other factors.
Brussels' Eurodistrict restaurants 2012 - Manger et boire dans le quartier europeen a Bruxelles', by Hughes Belin and Sophie Wozniak, Ed.
Herb Belin, Director, Emerging Technology, is the most visible of the folks at S&W, behind development of the X-frame revolver.
Yanni Belin, owner of the health food restaurant Cafe Green, said he has the same problem and estimates he's lost about 20 percent of his business.
5%, Fruiterroir -- 11%, Valade's CEO Janick Belin -- 9%.