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The Spiral is being developed by Tishman Speyer on a full block stretching from West 34th to West 35th Streets and from Tenth Avenue to the Bella Abzug Park.
The feminism her essays articulated was radical feminism, lesbian feminism, a feminism that scarcely deigned to glance at the liberal branch led by Betty Friedan or Bella Abzug or the practical feminism of NOW and Planned Parenthood.
When Bella Abzug campaigned in 1971 for New York City statehood, the Buffalo City Council responded with a "good riddance" resolution.
I hope to confront parochial educational as one form of urban, normative subordination and indoctrination, as it is realized in the lives of two urban women--congresswoman and civil rights activist Bella Abzug and poet and activist Audre Lorde--and as I witnessed it myself as a "product" of the same parochial school Lorde and Abzug attended: St.
Representative and social activist Bella Abzug, and served for five years as the executive director of the Lesbian Community Cancer Project in Chicago.
Representative and women's rights leader Bella Abzug's 97th birthday[non-translatable text]she was born on July 24, 1920[non-translatable text]I paid a visit to a show at the Marc Straus Gallery on Manhattan's Lower East Side called "If Only Bella Abzug Were Here." The group exhibition runs through July 29 and "commemorates the life and achievements of Bella Abzug with a selection of works by both established and emerging female artists."
Fitzpatrick covers Chisholm's frustration with sexism and bigotry from her own progressive peers, and her disappointment with some of her feminist colleagues, including her National Women's Political Caucus co-founders Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem, all of whom offered sometimes too tepid support during her historic 1972 run for the Democratic nomination.
Nora is growing up during the movement's second wave, filled with marches and Bella Abzug's bullhorn.
Bella Abzug (D-NY), the US Congress designated August 26th as "Women's Equality Day." The observance of Women's Equality Day not only commemorates the passage of the 19th amendment, but also calls attention to women's continual efforts toward full equality.
From Barbara Jordan and Bella Abzug to Warren and Gabrielle Giffords, successful female politicians are able to offer their own authentic toughness as the antidote to public anxiety.
Avedon's subjects also included others at the epicenter of the events and movements of the time (and some who still are today)--including governors, senators, members of Congress, and a wide swath of varied government officials (Bella Abzug, Jerry Brown, George H.W.