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in Roman religion and mythology, god of war. In early Roman times he was a god of agriculture, but in later religion (when he was identified with the Greek Ares) he was primarily associated with war.
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Bellona, asteroid 28 (the 28th asteroid to be discovered, on March 1, 1854), is approximately 124 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.6 years. It was named after the Roman goddess of war, who some myths say was the wife of Mars; other accounts maintain that she was his sister. The goddess did not have a developed mythology of her own. The asteroid Bellona may be delineated in somewhat the same way as Mars. Its prominence in a natal chart indicates an energetic, assertive person. When inharmoniously aspected, Bellona may show a bellicose personality.


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Mars’s charioteer and sister. [Rom. Myth.: Leach, 135]
See: War
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Nikitin was accused and eventually acquitted of high treason and divulging of state secrets for his part in coauthoring the 1996 Bellona report The Russian Northern Fleet, which describes problems the fleet is facing with the storage of spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive waste generated by the operation of submarines and other vessels.
Evidently the prologue for Gl'amori di Alessandro Magno (with Diana, Amore and Bellona) was performed, as Burnacini does not include it in his list of complaints.
'colour' words vary with context: Bellona (K19), Cupeno?
Try "Apricot Beauty' combined with yellow "Bellona' or red "Couleur Cardinal.' Grows 14 to 16 inches tall.
In Murmansk, nuclear safety expert with the Bellona Foundation, Andrey Zolotkov, says this is the first time to his knowledge transport of nuclear waste has been put on break for such reason as a international tournament.
Jotun has been working with Norway's Bellona Foundation, an environmental NGO, on the creation by the Geneva-based International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for gauging variations in the energy efficiencies of ship's hulls and propellers.
Harmonic Laboratory consists of animator John Park, composer Jeremy Schropp, digital musician Jon Bellona, and choreographer and dancer Brad Garner.
At the conference, on 26 January, organised by Forum Europe together with the Bellona Foundation, DG Energy's director even aired the idea of widening CCS stakeholder networks to include those likely to be affected in various communities.
Earlier, North New Georgia MP Job Tausinga, Rennell Bellona MP Seth Gukuna, Gordon Darcy Lilo from the Gizo-Kolombangara seat, Matthew Wale, Toswell Kaua, and South Vella Lional Alex were announced as early election winners.
Bellona, a leading Scandinavian environmental watchdog group, yesterday condemned the idea of using nuclear power to open the Arctic to oil, gas and mineral production, terming it as a highly risky proposition.
Speaking at a hearing organised in Brussels by the European Parliament's liberal and democrat group, the Bellona Foundation's Marius Holm said without the profits derived from additional oil, carbon capture equipment would remain too expensive.